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We decorated Christmas bottles!

Decorated bottles for Christmas

Melanie and I had an impromptu craft night Wednesday and ended up with these decorated Christmas bottles. We’ve seen so many of you decorating bottles and wanted to do some of our own. Here’s the outcome:

Decorated bottles for Christmas


We ended up sorta copying each other. You should have seen us trying to get started. That first step is the hardest. We had great components, but just where and how to start was tough. You kinda don’t know what it’s going to look like until after you glue it down and by then it’s too late. But we’re pretty content with our first attempt. I think my favorite is hers on the far right, but I like our lace and music bottles, too. The one on the left, I just glued on a corsage and stuck the clown head in the top. No real thought there. It was like, hey. I’ve still got a bottle and these things. Stick ’em on there. But it’s right cute in it’s own way.

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2 thoughts on “We decorated Christmas bottles!

  1. Love them….sad that I didnt make it to craft night…damn it! My fav is the one on the far left! Hope yall made me one! Tiff

  2. I love these! My junkin’ buddy Anne and I had plans to make these after seeing them at the Country Living Fair- time just got away from us- now I’m reinspired!

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