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Architectural Column Base Table Centerpiece

Architectural column base as table centerpiece: Just Vintage Home

When Erin – my all grown-up and expecting our first grandchild daughter for those of you new to my blogs and don’t know – and I were cruising around Christmas open house in her town, I vocally admired some column bases one of the shops had. So guess what my Christmas present was from her? ————- You’re right! So brilliant!

I absolutely love it and would never have bought it for myself. At the moment it’s on my dining room table sporting some silver plate and candles.

Architectural column base as table centerpiece: Just Vintage Home

I’m thinking of so many ways to use it. In the kitchen holding canisters, on the floor holding tall candlesticks… Ooo ooo! If I could find a cloche large enough for it to fill with books! Ah, yes. That would be perfect. Of course, that would probably cost a million, bazillion dollars I’ll never have.

Did you notice the little birdy?

Silver pot scrubber bird's nest: Just Vintage Home

Isn’t that fun? His nest is a dollar store, silver colored pot scrubber. And I’ll just tell you right now, those pot scrubbers are hard to form into a different shape. No matter how much you stretch and pull, it always wants to bounce right back into it’s ball shape.


Today I’m excited to be participating in 2 Bags Full, Grow Your Blog event. There are so many blogs out there these days, it’s hard to find your footing. Hard to carve out your little piece of the Blogsphere. This is a great opportunity to “meet and greet”. Tons of blogs are participating. Many offering give-aways.


Grow Your Blog 2013


Hop on over and pick out some blogs to visit! Even if you aren’t signed up to participate yourself, leaving your comments on the other blogs will get folks visiting yours.


 ********** A note for those of you new to blogging and maybe are only familiar with Blogger/Blogspot. Those of us who either use a different service or our blogs are self hosted, we won’t have a subscribe button like the Blogspot blogs do. Look for an icon that looks like this: RSS Feed
When you click on that it’ll let you subscribe to the RSS feed and you’ll be able to see it in your Google Reader.

One other thing new Blogger/Blogspot users, and even some who have been around awhile, don’t realize is that in your comment settings, if you keep the default and don’t choose “anyone can comment” a lot of people are left out and can’t comment. Mainly people who don’t have Google accounts, which would probably include your mother, your aunt, people who don’t blog… etc. Also bloggers who aren’t using Blogger are forced to use their Google account which takes you to… basically nothing. Or redirects you to their real blog. I’ve actually heard some people say they won’t bother commenting when the name/url option isn’t there! Horrors! We all want comments! We sure don’t want to turn anyone away.

In short – Ha! Too late for that now, isn’t it? – What most people are using is the Blogger default. Just pop into your dashboard and choose “Anyone can comment”. If those aren’t the exact words, it’s something similar.

Sorry to ramble so. I’m just trying to help a bit. đŸ™‚

24 thoughts on “Architectural Column Base Table Centerpiece

  1. I love your centerpiece. I’ve always been drawn to columns, mostly if they are in a very distressed and crumbly fashion. Something about the fact that they once helped hold up and decorate a building. Everything you put on it is stunning as well. In short I want it on my table! I scrolled down and you have some wonderful decorating posts. I really like your favorite pins post.

    Hope you have a wonderful blog hop

  2. Happy Grow Your Blog Saturday!
    Love the creative things you do with your home đŸ™‚
    Hope you’ll stop by to say hi at

  3. i love your header – so creative. what a neat centerpiece. it is really fun. cheerful. i hope you will stop by my blog soon. have a great weekend. take care. ( :

  4. Who would of figured, a column base…love it!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Popping over from the Blog Party – great to meet you, your blog is beautiful and I just love that header.

  6. Found your delightful blog through the blog party! What lovely creations! i couldn’t find a follow button (I’m not terribly techy) but I’ll be checking back

  7. I absolutely love vintage decorations and am so glad I found your blog!

    can’t wait to keep reading!

  8. Love the little scrubby bird nest. What a cute idea. Thanks for joining in on our blog party. ~Elizabeth

  9. i love your blog and all your gorgeous stuff! i am going to try and follow you with the rss feeder, tx for the helpful hints for some of the blogging ways! aloha, angi in hana

  10. I love your silver and those trophies are to die for!! So glad to get to know you, Visiting from Cottage-wishes, Di

  11. I will be back your blog is great.

  12. I love your Christmas gift and also the vignette you created on top. Your trophy cup is wonderful and the little nest is sooo creative. I already subscribe to your blog with reader and would love for you to visit my Grow Your Blog post.
    xx, Sherry

  13. Hello Wanda – I am here from Vickie’s 2 Bags Full.

    You gave some good blogging tips. I can never read too many since I am not very techy.

    I love how creative you are with your home. The “new” coffee table is adorable and is making me look at my ‘junk” in a new way. Also that 3 piece orange luggage set is a beauty and a STEAL.

  14. I love your blog and all of the beautiful things pictured on it. I found you bloghopping and will be following you for inspiration. Hugs, Patti@OldThingsNew

  15. Found you through the blog hop. I love all things vintage. What a great idea for a column cap!

    I am over at


  16. Hi, I’m here from Vicki’s GYB party! I love your architectural base! Now I’m going to be looking around for something like that!
    I’m a vintage lover as well…I’m just guessing you are because of the title of your blog. : )
    Have a wonderful day! sandy : )

  17. Lovely centerpiece – clever use of the infamous silver pot scrubbers (I recently had someone else tell us that she uses the plastic ones for making buns in her hair…you’re right on when you said they won’t change shapes!) Glad to be visiting from the GYB Party – thanks for the info on the RSS feed…finally makes sense! Happy Tuesday – Tanya

  18. Thanks for your advice on the blog. Everything helps. And do come to visit my blog, since the party goes on. I have a nice vintage lace book to giveaway. See you there.

  19. What a great daughter you have! Love the column and of course your loving cups – I have my own collection!!

  20. Hi, I just popped over from Vicki’s GYB party and I love your projects! The photographs are fab and very informative… a picture is worth a thousand words đŸ˜€ Thanks for participating in the party so we could come by to see your lovely blog!
    Beth P

  21. Have so enjoyed visiting your blog being a collector of vintage silverware, all things tarnished and tattered – but collect mainly vintage laces, doilies and linens which I used to create with e.g. my collages and fabric journals. Recycling is my main medium with these!
    Love all of your vignettes. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Come and visit me and enter yourself into a lace collage!

  22. Stopping by during the GYB party from Bird Lady Blog. Love your blog header with the sweet swallows and the cute little scrubber nest and birdie! Tweet!!

    ~ Sherrie (Bird Lady)

  23. I really like your blog and I’m your newest follower! Whee!

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