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Sheep and Dutch Kids

Y’all know I don’t sell everything I buy, don’t you? I have collections, too. I just don’t have time anymore to play with them like I used to. That makes me sad some days. There are days I regret ever opening a shop. I’m such a homebody. But usually once I’m at the shop, I’m pretty content.

I took these too dark pictures of my sheep and Dutch kids collection recently and thought I’d share.



That oval picture was from Sue at Vintage Rescue Squad. What a sweetheart she is.



Below the pictures is this little built in shelf thing. It began life as a wall, then in the 1960s, when window air conditioning units were all the rage, the owners had to have one, but this room only had sliding glass doors. Big. Sliding. Glass. Doors. Like 15 feet of glass. HUGE. Anyway, their solution was to cut a hole in the outside wall. Then, some years later, along came central air, but what to do with the hole? Why, make shelves, of course. We’ve since taken out the Big Doors and put in French doors with windows on each side. I had the opportunity to do away with the little cubby, but chose to keep it. At the moment, it houses my sheep and Dutch Kid collection. I’d really like one big cloche to put the sheep under. Dusting is a nightmare and doesn’t happen very often.



That’s a little McCoy Pinecone planter turned upside down. I love its colors.





What? Oh, how smart and observant you are! I know the Eiffel Tower doesn’t belong. It was a senior prom favor. My senior prom. That I went to in spite of running a high fever with strep throat. The kids and sheep said it could stay with them for awhile.



3 thoughts on “Sheep and Dutch Kids

  1. I am LOVING the framed picture of the bottom shelf! How adorable! And I don’t think someone could be a true junker without a few collections of his/her own!!! LOL They tend to just happen don’t they? 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh..I’ve died and gone to “pretty” heaven! What precious sheep and Dutch kids….(swooning)…I would shamelessly run away with everything!

    Deanna :I

  3. Can you believe the LP for $20?! I was honestly hyperventilating! I am LOVING your sheep and like the term ‘time to play with our stuff’, because that truly is what it is…touching, moving items around, picking them up and remembering. Enjoy your day and here is SNAKE EYES TO YOU! Sonya

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