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A couple of MCM things I’ve found recently

I haven’t posted any finds lately, but that doesn’t mean there are none. It hasn’t been convenient to take pictures, the light hasn’t been right….. Yeah. OK. I’ve been lazy. I admit it. I do have a pretty big lazy streak.

Here are two of the things I’ve come home with lately. Thought I’d show them together since they’re from the same era and in the same genre. (Oooo! She used a fancy word!)

Found these burlap tumblers in a thrift store:

Burlap tumblers

There were more, but the others had cracks. Usually what you find in these is cups with handles, but these are cup size with no handles.

This next item was found at another thrift store. There was an annoying lady looking at all the lamps, staying forever and I was about to turn around and cruise another aisle. Erin was with me and spotted this lamp. She simply pointed. The Heavens opened and the angels sang. I snatched and grabbed. Then thought to look at the price. Yes! It was doable. VERY doable!


The picture does it no favors. It’s stunning in person. Now, I know not everybody appreciates this style. I didn’t until maybe 10 years ago. I still don’t decorate with it, but do so wish I had enough rooms to have at least one mid mod room. I want to keep this lamp so bad!  – Badly? Which is correct? – But so far I haven’t found anywhere it can go. I suppose I could redo a whole room around it…. But remember that lazy streak? Yeah. It’d kick in, I’m pretty sure.


I’ve made my first “official” post at the new blog, Just Vintage Home, about my new upcycled coffee table. Used to, we’d call it a make-do table. I’d love for you to pay a visit! I’m still working on getting a subscribe button on there. That really shouldn’t be so hard. But if you use Google reader and have the rss subscribe thingy in your browser, I’d appreciate the follow.


4 thoughts on “A couple of MCM things I’ve found recently

  1. HAH I woulda snapped it up too ! GOOD finds. Okay I’ll head over to the new blog now.

  2. Awesome! If you decide to sell it in the near/distant/eventual future, I’d love it if you could let me know! Thanks!

  3. I love mid century too! That lamp is fabulous! I feel the same, if I had another room or maybe a basement (I live in Orlando, no basements) I would have mid century! Thank you for stopping by!


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