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What’s Selling In My Booth – March 2017 Booth Sales

What's selling in my booth March 2017

Wow! What a busy couple of months it’s been! Conducted back to back estate sales. It’s just two of us prepping and pricing, so we have to work extra hard with long hours. Ricky and I did manage to get the booth stocked up during all this, though and booth sales were decent in March. Thought I’d do a quick report on what sold in the booth in March. (If I get a chance – got to start prepping another, massive sale this week, actually should be there right now –  I’ll do a March Etsy sales update, too.)

First, I think the weather has got people ready to do projects. We sold 14 cans of General Finishes Milk and Chalk Style paint. That was nice.

Paint display

I don’t have pictures of everything else, but will show what I can. Prices will be below the pictures. Our prices may be lower than in your neck of the woods. It’s hard to figure out a price point where things sell quickly, but not give it away, either. We’ve found we need to stay fairly low in our area for a quicker turnover. I’m kinda funny about telling what I paid for things, but will say, almost always make a very good profit.

First off, this MCM chest. The finish wasn’t great and it’s not a high quality piece, so no qualms about painting it. It’s no secret that Ricky is the painter in the family. Painting’s not for me. So. I told him to paint this chest and the dresser that’s up after this black or dark gray with light gray drawers. He forgot. Did what he thought I said to do. It turned out splendidly! Loved it! Apparently the buyer did too.

Painted Mid Century Chest of Drawers

Sold for $125.00

The matching dresser plus a penguin ice bucket and an almost totally hidden, shallow, wooden bowl.

Painted MCM dresser

  • Dresser – $140.00
  • Ice Bucket – $15.00
  • Shallow Wooden Bowl – 10.00


I’m all about having a “look” in the booth. This isn’t it. Ricky is all about making a buck. So we bought it and did. Make a buck, I mean. Did quite well, actually.

Dining Table and Chairs

1980’s dining table and 6 chairs – $325.00

Only thing in the next picture that is sold to date is the little carved, vegetable ivory seal.

Carved vegetable ivory seal

Seal – $4.00

The restaurantware plates are the only things sold here. They were passed up by our customers at one of our recent estate sales. Tiffany told me I should get them for my booth (Not sure why she didn’t want them for hers.). She said tie some black ribbon around them and put them out for sale. The ribbon did the trick in my mind. So I did. And they sold a couple of weeks later.

Restaurantware plates

Restaurantware plates – $12.00

This is another of Ricky’s ideas. This cheap, fold down, desk/bookshelf. Soooo not the look I’m going for. It was left over at one of our estate sales from last summer. I think we paid $15. Or maybe it was $30? Funny thing was, another vendor said it ought to sell quickly! She had seen three sold just that week! Yeah. Okay. Six months later I finally reduced it to $30 to get it to sell. That $55 tag? Nope. Nary a nibble. Also sold in this picture is the gold, mesh, tissue holder.

Fold down desk bookshelf

  • Desk/bookcase – $30.00
  • Gold mesh tissue holder – $5.00

Just the clock dome cloche in this picture. I’m finally relinquishing my collection. How many cloches does one actually need??
Clock Dome Cloche

Clock dome cloche – $17.00

Vintage toy pinball machine. Only lasted a month.

Vintage toy pinball machine

Vintage toy pinball machine – $39.00

Vintage suitcases. Bought both of these at the same sale as the pinball machine, the chest and dresser and table and chairs. They only lasted a few weeks. One sold in February, the other in March. Condition? Not great. Not horrible, but not good. They are definitely not alligator. I hope. Didn’t seem to be from looking at the torn parts. Still pretty cool.

Alligator look suitcases

Suitcase – $25.00 each

The four, antique chairs in this picture. We dropped the price for a customer.

Antique chairs

4 Antique Chairs – $80.00

Stenciled table. Ricky got this metal table base off the side of the road. I’m so glad he’s started to watch for that kind of thing! Or he sometimes does, anyway. He made the top for it and our daughter stenciled it.

Also sold in this picture is the gold colored, silver chest. And the same clock dome as above.

Stenciled table

  • Stenciled table – $175.00
  • Silver chest – $20.00

That’s all the pictures I have. Also sold were these items:

  • A fancy, glass salt shaker filled with mother of pearl buttons – 8.00
  • An animal print hat (kinda smushed and goofy) – $6.00
  • A Pyrex serving bowl in it’s tray – 18.00
  • A couple of old tins – Maxwell House and Edgeworth tobacco – $3.00 and $2.00
  • Two vintage sweaters – $15.00 and $20.00
  • 3 vintage refrigerator bowl lids – $3.00

So there it is. Hope it helps in some way. And if you can’t get enough of who’s selling what, visit Adirondack Girl @ Heart. Her series of what sold in her booth inspired me to start doing the same. I think you’ll love all of her blog, too.

Not it’s your turn! Tell me in the comments below what’s selling in your booth?

What's selling in my booth March 2017


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  1. This was really interesting Wanda! Love these kinds of posts even though I don’t have a booth anymore. Yes, post one about Etsy too!

  2. That’s really interesting Wanda….seeing how you price & everything. I can always learn something. Great info even tho I don’t have a booth anymore. Yes, show your Etsy sales too!
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  3. Lots of good sales! I’m all about having a “look” in my booths too but sometimes you just have to sacrifice that for a little bit to make an easy buck! :o)


  4. This is such a great booth with many items inside. I really like the Vintage toy pinball machine.
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  5. You have got some amazing collections in your both.Loved them all,especially the Vintage toy pinball machine

  6. Stumbled across this post by accident Wanda, and then read your shout out!! Glad you’re enjoying writing these kinds of posts. So kind of you to mention my blog 🙂

    1. You’re welcome! I’ve been so remiss with my blogging lately, those are the only posts I’ve managed to do. LOL

      I keep thinking we need a few of us doing this and do a blog hop each month.

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