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Antique Booth Pictures for July

Booth July 2016

There are a several reasons I haven’t been taking many/any pictures of the booth in awhile.

  1. I let it get pretty empty. Ricky made the offhand comment his furniture was making the money, so I stopped putting my stuff in there. I’d just show him. Yeah. I’m having to start filling it up again. The furniture makes a big chunk at once, but the smalls usually equal that amount. It takes it all.
  2. When we went to the booth, we were usually running late and basically had to drop and run. It just wasn’t looking nice.
  3. My phone was sick. See the end of the previous post about that. I wasn’t taking any pictures anywhere, any time. 

But I now have a new phone and will have to get back in the habit. Or a better habit than I was in before. I also need to take more stuff. It still looks a bit skimpy in the pictures.



The kitchen corner.

Booth July 2016

Hand built farm table

Yet another farm table of Ricky’s. We get nervous if one lasts as long as two weeks. But keeping a table in there all the time makes it look like they don’t sell and the booth always kinda looks the same.  $595.00 if you’re interested.

Booth July 2016

I suppose this picture can be dissected for form. People are always doubting themselves when staging a display and wondering how to do it. Not that this is all that fabulous or anything, but it’s simple and perhaps that will make it easier to follow.

First, we have texture. The wood crates, metal and fabric. The blue check fabric was actually put there to protect the table, but it also grounds the whole arrangement. Makes it cohesive. Pulls it together. Tells us, “this is a unit.”

Next we have form. 3D, actually. Width, depth and height. The stacked crates, and the locker basket coming out of the bottom crate. As I look at the picture, that round, decorative stove eye thing lying in front would look good hanging above and to the right of the candlesticks. I may work on that if it’s all still there next trip.

Third is varying heights. Keeps the eyes moving with no jarring gaps.

Fourth, there’s a bit of interest on the side with the tape measure and keys. 

Hope this helps a little. I don’t feel qualified to teach lessons in design and form. I’ve seen much, much better, but I’ve definitely seen a lot worse. We have to study booths that draw us in and try to figure out why they look so tasty to us. How is it arranged? What do we want to soak in? Stand there and stare at? Even great stuff doesn’t look good if it’s thrown in haphazardly or only lined up against the wall or shelves. 

As a reminder, we’re at Angel’s Antique Mall in Opelika, Alabama, booth D-26.

4 thoughts on “Antique Booth Pictures for July

  1. Watched your video…love your space at the mall. Especially love the coffee table and that floral thingy on the floor. Is that a hatbox or a sewing box?

    1. It’s a footstool! Erin recovered it. We can’t figure out why it hasn’t sold. It’s well done, pretty, and not priced high at all.

  2. Your display looks very nice! What fun you must have putting a booth together! I’ve never done that and envy those who have the chance. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us – if I were closer, you can bet I would be shopping there!

    1. Thanks JD. It is fun when you have time to putter around until it works. But just like anything else, it’s a lot of work to keep it up and do it right.

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