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Etsy Sales Report for October – Better Than They Have Been Lately

October 2017 Etsy Sales Report

October with Etsy was very encouraging! Finally! Did I do anything different? Not that I know of. I just kept on listing when I could like I always do. Some items that sold were new listings, some not. Kinda gets back to my theory that something happens to my shop when they are testing. Or maybe it was the whole 4th quarter thing. Or maybe just coincidence. I don’t know. I just want it to continue and get better from there.

The total sales were $371.10. Not where I want them to be, I’d prefer $3710.00, naturally, and I’d say $3000 is my goal, but I have to spend a LOT more time working than I’ve been able to to make that goal. Still, sales were sooooo much better than they have been that I’m pretty happy. When you consider how much time I have NOT been able to devote to selling, I’m okay with the numbers.

I feel weird about telling how much I pay for individual items but will say that my total purchase price for the items that sold was………………. $8.30. Six items were “free”, some from my parent’s. The word free is relative, though. I worked hard for those free things.

I’ve made each of the pictures and prices below link to the listing so you can see the details if you’d like. These are affiliate links which only means that if you click on one to see the listing and buy anything at all from Etsy in the next day or two, I’ll get a tiny percentage. Tiny. I won’t know who clicked or didn’t click. It’s totally private.

Continuing with the $10, kitchen item sales trend from the last part of September, the first sale of October was…. $10.00. And a kitchen item. Although it fits primitive decor as well. But…. learn from me! In a less than…. less than smart moment…. okay. I was dumb. Stoopid….. I underestimated the shipping. I weighed the item and figured in what I thought the packaging would weigh and came up with 13 ozs. Really? A graniteware pot?? Yeah. It weighed over a pound. So the buyer paid $4.53 for shipping that actually cost me $10.28. A difference of 5.75. The item cost me $1.00, so we’re up to $6.75 out of my pocket. Add in the Etsy fees, and well, I didn’t make much on this item. At all. But it’s all part of doing business. It won’t be the last time it happens. How do I know that? I’ve been doing this for 20 years. If I haven’t figured it out by now, I never will.

Gray Enamelware Pot

Gray Graniteware Pot

Five days after the first sale, the second item sold. Had better luck with this one. A vintage Vogue Couturier pattern, designed by Pucci. 

Vintage Vogue Couterier Pucci pattern

Vintage Vogue pattern 2788

8 days(!!) after that sale, the third item sold. Yeah. I just thought sales were getting back to normal at the end of September.

This Nifty top loading notebook was in my parents’ office stuff. I had to beg my mom to let me have one in the 4th grade. All the cool kids had one! She finally relented and it was the bestest year! The next year’s teacher banned them and that was the last time I had a top loading, Nifty notebook. I was awfully surprised to find one in their stuff. I’m 99% sure Momma bought it at a yard sale.

Vintage top loading, magnetic, Nifty notebook.

Top loading Nifty notebook

The ball started rolling after the notebook…..

An hour later, this glass sold.

Vintage Lion Circus Jelly Glass

Vintage Circus Lion Jelly Glass

Then, the next day……

Enamelware Frigidaire Pot Rooster Trivet

Enamelware, Frigidaire Pot Rooster Trivet

I decided to experiment with these metal, miniature, figural pencil sharpeners. Bought them this summer. Talked about them in this haul video. I had never thought about buying them before, but it seems they’re an easy $10-15, and considering they can usually be bought for a quarter….. well, I suppose they make the Buy List.

Miniature metal lantern pencil sharpeners

Miniature, metal figural pencil sharpeners

And the sales kept rolling. 

Whisk brooms. Frankly, I can’t always tell if one is old or not.

Three Vintage Whisk Brooms

3 Whisk Brooms

A collected item from my piano teaching days:

Virgil Clavier Piano Method Book 1

Virgil Clavier Method Book from 1904

This phone only lasted two days before it sold. I’ve had it for years in my attempted mid-century modern room. I love the look, but seem to love it most in someone else’s home. So, I finally decided to part with this phone. (I’m still hanging onto some lamps and other things. For now.)

Vintage brown donut phone sold on Etsy

Brown Donut Phone

No one bought this at one of our estate sales. 

Heartstone Shortbread Mold

Heartstone Shortbread Mold

Something else no one bought at one of our sales. Imagine that! Surely we have online vintage sellers in our little town! 
(Not a very good picture)

Vintage Wesson Oil Premium - Measuring Cup and Spoons

Wesson Oil Measuring Cup and Spoons

I don’t know if I’ll buy any more of these splatter guards. They can usually be had for a quarter, but there are always a lot of them on Etsy and might take awhile to sell. I guess it will depend on my mood. Or how desperate I am to buy something. Anything. Those days do happen.

Vintage Kitchen Splatter Guard with Blue Knob

Vintage Kitchen Splatter Guard with Worn Blue Knob

Oops, I did it again. Made a $4 shipping miscalculation. On an inexpensive item. Sigh. 

Vintage Christmas Dish

Vintage Christmas Scene Dish, Signed and Made In Italy, 6″ Square

Yet another item passed up by the buyers at one of our estate sales. 

1960s, retro kitchen, mod dining room, coffee set

Retro Orange and Yellow Coffee Set

This phone was from my parents’ house. My mother had a thing for phones. The quirkier the better. Turned out to be a pretty profitable collection. This Ericofon from the ’70’s did not work.

1970's white Ericofon



A sweet little platter:

Small platter with pink and blue flowers

Grandma’s old, floral platter (Not my grandma, but somebody’s, surely!) 

I picked up the hand-carved, wooden, Republic of China cat at an estate sale back in August, but didn’t list him until sometime in September. He sold in October. Thought he was really cute. He had a few bumps and bruises, but overall, was in pretty good shape.

Mod Carved Wood Siamese Cat

Mod wood hand-carved Siamese cat made in the Republic of China

These glasses were still another item that was not bought at one of our estate sales. It’s not surprising, though. They were Mississipi glasses and we’re in Alabama. Still, you would think some other vintage seller would have recognized their value! I’m afraid I’m really gonna miss the local competition when we move. 

Jackson Mississippi souvenir glasses

Vintage Jackson, Mississippi souvenir glasses

That’s if for October on Etsy. How were your sales? How are they so far in November? 

Pins are always appreciated!

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6 thoughts on “Etsy Sales Report for October – Better Than They Have Been Lately

  1. Have I ever done that with the postage? Ha! You better believe it, & I always call myself “stoopid” too…LOL.
    I love so many things you sold! The phones! Wow, loved those, especially that brown one. But the other one was cool too…never seen one like it. Love the cat. Love the coffee set! How colorful & pretty! Can’t believe nobody bought it. Interesting story about the top-loading notebook. Didn’t know those were a “thing.” You got some nice prices. Didn’t know about the lantern pencil sharpeners either. I’ve never seen them before. Will have to keep an eye out. Glad sales were better for you. Mine were good & I’ll be doing my recap next weekend. I also asked to join the FB group.

    1. Will we ever learn?

      Those pencil sharpeners come in all kinds of shapes. One that comes to mind is gramophones. Do a search for vintage copper (or metal) pencil sharpeners. I remember when they were new in the stores. It doesn’t seem long enough ago to be considered “vintage” so I overlooked them for years. Now that you know, you’ll probably see them at some sales.

      That FB group is my favorite at the moment.

  2. Yay for increased sales! I find it has been easier to be a seller of late too! Just being able to renew without feeling like I am being punished helps. lol October was back to where I was a year ago. Hoping the trend continues!

    And why would anyone pass up that coffee set?? I am such a sucker for things like that.

    Hope all is well in your world, Wanda! Hope the house hunting is over and just awaiting closing. xo

    1. Glad your sales are getting back to normal too! November isn’t starting out very exciting, but I continue to have hope.

      The hunt is over for now. Not the direction we thought we were going and I really can’t/won’t talk about it just yet. Everything’s fine, though.

      1. Completely understand! Life never works as I plan but always works out, eventually.

        Hope November picks up! We need that phone noise! lol

        Sending you love. xo

  3. Congratulations, Wanda, a lovely collection of sales. Wishing you all the best for the holiday season!

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