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What To Buy To Resell — The Fall Vintage Version

Fall Etsy Sales Report - What To Buy To Resell On Etsy

Everyone always wonders what to buy to resell? Even the pros are always looking for something to add to their repertoire. There’s always something out there we hadn’t thought about selling that sells quite well. It takes a lot of research to find out what those are. So today’s report is:

What To Buy To Resell — The Vintage Version

I’ve been remiss in writing my Etsy sales report (And booth report, too!) for the past three months. Why? Beats me! The sales weren’t good but, there were some and I’m thankful for even that little bit. Still, it would have been a waste of your and my time to do a September and October report. So. Because I’ve committed to sharing the bad along with the good, I’m doing it. Combining August, September and October sales in this one post. It won’t take long to read. Sigh.

(Also check out these posts for more things that routinely sell on Etsy and my friend, Florence’s latest sales report at Vintage Southern Picks. Hint: She sold more than I did.)


I’ve mentioned before that vintage patterns can be a good investment. I got lucky last year and bought a box full of patterns for under a dollar. I kept a few and culled a bunch. The rest have gone on Etsy. This was one. 

Vintage Simplicity jacket pattern, 3038. Sold on Etsy

Vintage Simplicity jacket pattern
Sold for $15.00
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Fall Decorating In the Booth

Fall table arrangement in the booth

I spent over 5 hours Saturday re-working and doing a little fall decorating in the booth. Yes, it desperately needed 5+ hours of work. I was embarrassed to say it was my booth. It was awful. But you see, I had kind of lost my heart for it. For it all, really. The estate sales in the area we’ve moved to are generally too expensive and the yard sales are mostly clothes and last years toys. It has taken all the fun out of it and hardly seems worth my time. I guess that has bled over to not wanting to do anything in the booth, too. But I figure I’ll get over it. And Saturday was a good start.

Leaf garland in a large, gray, metal, candle lantern

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Booth Sales for July 2018

Vintage booth sales report for July 2018

July? Not great again for booth sales. We didn’t go in the hole this time but didn’t make any money either. Again, I blame no one but us. There hasn’t been enough furniture there for the amount of rent we pay and I haven’t been working the display. It looks tired. I wonder how we sold anything at all? 

I’m realizing I’m spread much too thin and working on cutting back. There will be more about that later. But the booth isn’t going anywhere.

Here are the booth sales for July 2018. Most of the pictures are pretty crummy. My apologies.

I’m starting to downsize my McCoy flowerpot collection. I hung onto every single one for years because I didn’t know which ones I had picked up from yard sales and which ones were my mother’s. Most of which she also picked up at yard sales. Still I was afraid of getting rid of the ones I grew up with. But if I didn’t know the difference, what did it matter?? So I decided to only keep Continue reading Booth Sales for July 2018