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Weekend finds and some sleketon keys

Friday didn’t have many sales, so I stayed at the shop and worked. But I was ready for Saturday. Gung ho! Ready to get out there and find the goodies! However, it was a wash. Literally and figuratively. Poured rain. Stormed. Found 5 or 6 sales that didn’t mention toys in the ad. A couple of estate sales, couple of moving sales and some regular yard sales. It seemed to be the day for new stuff. And blah stuff. Here’s what I found:

How sad is it that I could fit everything I bought in one chair? The only older things were a Vera scarf and the book with the torn binding. All books were free at that sale. You’d think I could come out with more than one book, either to read, resell or for decorative value, but this is the only one.

Everything else, the two mirrors, the Halloween thing, the cherub plaque, maybe not the little platform stand thing, are all newer, Homegoods, type things. Nothing wrong with that, but I’m buying for the shop. The shop that’s named Just Vintage. That kinda indicates everything in the shop is older. Right? But I have been sticking my big toe in, trying newer things just to see if it’s a happy addition to the shop. The jury’s still out on that one.


Yesterday was spent continuing with some home rearranging. The picture below is my lifetime collection of skeleton keys. And I think my grandpa gave every one of them to me when I was a little girl. I just don’t see them for sale around here. Is that odd? Do you see them at sales in your area?

The idea for hanging them like this came from someone’s blog. I do wish I could remember whose it was, so I could give them credit. I’m having so much fun, y’all! I’ve missed doing these things. But all my energies, all my thoughts, have gone into the business the past 2-1/2 years. I’m one of those people who’s either working or not working. I don’t do well working during the day and coming home at night to be the homemaker. I’m still trying to figure out the best days and hours fit for me and the customers.

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Hi! I'm Wanda, the owner of Just Vintage and this is my blog where I talk about buying, selling, and decorating with all things vintage. I want to help you learn what to buy for resale and maybe give you inspiration in decorating, even if it's what NOT to do.

4 thoughts on “Weekend finds and some sleketon keys

  1. I also collect old skeleton keys (of course I do)…and I also don’t think I’ve EVER found one for sale. Most of my collection is from old houses that I’ve owned…and a few have been mixed in with boxlots from auctions…I’ve always wanted to sort of shadow-box frame them, but haven’t…so now I have them filling a glass apothecary jar (well, I will when I find the box that the key-filled glass apothecary jar is packed in).

    In the meantime, I left you a little blogging award over on *my* blog…go take a peek…

  2. No, no, no…don’t put the new in with the old at the shop. Stick with only vintage. 🙂 And I love using old lamp bases for candle holders. Very cool and unusual. I find skeleton keys occasionally. I like it when they are real cheap. I know one guy that sells them but they are expensive…ugh! I grab ’em when I see them cheap. I use them for all kinds of projects. I’ll be happy to follow.

  3. I know what you mean about the yard sales and such. Sometimes they are just a waste of time because all you see are clothes and baby toys, but every once in awhile we can get lucky.

    I also have a small collection of skeleton keys and yes, they are hard to find. I saw a ring of them the other day but most were small.
    There were seven in all and a price tag of $14. They have been hanging in the same booth for several months. Maybe if they are marked down I’ll grab them up.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving such a nice comment.
    I am enjoying your blog very much and I’ll be back for more.


  4. Always enjoy your quirky blog. I too, have skeleton keys, but I use alot of them for around the neck of a glass bottle and fill the rest of it with similar junk! Have a great day!

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