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Some mid week junkin’ fun!

I’ve let myself get really sleepy, so things said here might not make sense, but stay with me. I have to tell the story before getting to the pictures.

The yard sales here always start on Thursday, Friday or Saturday. The little, local classified paper comes out on Thursday, so starting a sale before then is shooting yourself in the foot. Nobody will know until the next day. And if you’d put it in the previous week’s paper, everybody will have forgotten about it. That’s usually me, but not this time. I was remembering this sale advertised for Wednesday so well, I thought it was going to start on Tuesday!

I’d convinced myself that this was an estate sale. I’d looked up the address in whitepages reverse address search. The names sounded older-ish, so I looked them up in the Social Security Death Index. (Aren’t I quite the investigator?) Found that the husband had passed away in 1990, but the wife’s name wasn’t listed. Still alive? Maybe. I Googled her name and saw where just this year, she was the oldest member of her church. Bingo! Had to be an estate. Didn’t it??

Sleep was fleeting for me the night before. I must have been afraid I’d forget or oversleep the next morning. The crack of dawn saw me rolling out of bed and getting dressed. I was in front of the house at 6:30. At first it looked like they weren’t ready, but then I saw some shadow movement. I hopped out of the car and moseyed up to the carport. It was all outside. Turned out to be a guy, probably the son, cleaning out his storage shed. But oh, who cares? He had some great stuff and he just wanted rid of it. The prices were a dream. And I was the first and only the whole time I was there! I’ve had dreams just like this. So what did I get? Take a look.

Starting with the least interesting — old phone, oil can, can funnel, long funnel that made me think Halloweeny, glass bowl with silver handle, anchor and a private parking sign,


Bottles and doorknobs


American Bisque elephant cookie jar.


Wonderful old desk bell that makes me want to keep it and start a new collection, but I’m trying not to do that.


Old Underwood typewriter. Not pictured is the adding machine/comptroller or whatever it’s called, the thing that weighs 9062 lbs., and the stand. It’s not pictured because I can’t lift it and it’s sitting, well, I’d better not tell where it’s sitting.


And….wait for it…………………………………………………………………………..

A chandelier in a ratty old box!! Only one prism missing out of 30.

Also not pictured is a work table. The guys (first guy and his brother) said they thought PawPaw made it who knows how long ago. These guys were older than me, so PawPaw would have been gone at least 30 years. When they picked the table up to load it for me, it almost fell apart. Ricky’s using his carpentry skills to fix the rotten wood.

I’m not saying how much it all cost me. You’d be hatin’.

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4 thoughts on “Some mid week junkin’ fun!

  1. You found some great things. Have you have an awesome weekend.

  2. Wow. What a great sale! Typewriter – chandelier – doorknobs – what is better than that!! Funny that you looked them up in the SS death index – I would have never thought of that.

  3. Hi there,

    Thanks for stopping by my little blog. I see we both love junkin…

    I am excited to poke around your blog!

  4. We should just call you “Sherlock”!

    Great buys


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