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Just Like Old Times

What a weekend! If I’ve seemed a little less than gung ho lately, it’s probably because the summer has been so blah. The sales have been few and far between and when there was one, the things to be had were not so exciting. I think you all know one of my favorite things to do is find treasures. The hunt is exhilarating, but if I don’t bag a kill fairly often, my spirits get a little down. This weekend was the way it’s supposed to be.

Friday, I lit out alone. Lena bowed out for the weekend. Friday seems so far away now, I can’t remember it all, but I’ll give it a try.

(The images might be down for a time. My shopping cart isn’t working and I need to take the whole site down and reinstall. These images are stored there. Hopefully they won’t be missing in action very long.)

Let’s see. I was running a little late Friday morning and the first estate sale I went to had been going on an hour or so. As always, I started in the basement. I had piles of stuff, but darned if I know what I got that took three trips to the car! What in the world did I do with it? Here’s what I remember:

Silver Plate

After tons have people had already been there and I’d even been there for awhile working the perimeter of the room, I found a large, untouched lidded, cardboard, storage box underneath a table. I opened it and found all this silver! Some are real silver, sterling, not silver plate.
Silver Bowl


These were, I think, the best pieces in the box. A large, Gorham, golf “trophy” from the 1950s and a pair of Wallace Sterling Rose Point candlesticks. (Sorry ’bout the fuzzy picture.)

The price was quite right on all the silver. Better than I’d even hoped for.

There was some fabric and, oh yes! Vintage Ray Ban sunglasses!

Vintage Ray Ban Sunglasses

These Christmas candlesticks:

Vintage Christmas Candlesticks


Some more stuff that got in pictures with other things.

Next on the list was a fabulous sounding sale. The estate sale company’s web site had four pages of pictures and the stuff looked incredible! I knew there was no way I’d be able to buy anything, but I had to see it anyway. That house, which was a regular looking house, was full to the brim with honest to goodness, swear to God, hope to die – and to die for – antiques. It was like stepping into a spread of Colonial Homes magazine in the 1980s. If you’ve seen that magazine from that time period, think of the best home with the best stuff and you’ll know what I saw at this house. It was what I aspired for my home then and knew it wasn’t obtainable with me being a stay at home mom with two kids, living in “Podunk”, Alabama with no money. This house was like being in a museum. I just can’t say how wonderful the antiques were.

Did I buy anything? Sure! A 1980s telephone, a decoupage memory jar and an automobile vase. LOL I think I bought the three cheapest things there. No, that’s not true. While I was tempted, I did not buy a grungy little $3.00, tin match holder.

Antique Car Vase

Apparently, the sellers didn’t know this was an automobile vase or it would have been much higher. Of course, I could be mistaken and it’s just an epergn horn.

Decoupage Memory Jug
The hula girl came from the first sale and the owl was bought on Saturday.
Blue 1960s Telephone
There are so many pictures, this will be continued tomorrow…………
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