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Too busy and I don’t think I like it

Just dropping in to say, “ACK!” I’m snowed under. Opening day for Pickle Patch Market is Saturday. Got lots of last minute things to do in my booth there. Today I think I’ll go down to the shop and try to straighten and organize some of the mess caused by moving things from there to the booth. Tomorrow I believe I’ll clean house. And we’ll get The Boys, two of our granddogs, tomorrow night to spend the weekend with us. Our kitty, Oreo, will not be happy about that and I’ve got to make sure all her toys are picked up so The Boys don’t rip them apart. She had a favorite piece of egg crate foam (go figure) and the last time they were here they tore it to pieces. It was the most pitiful thing to see Oreo walk by it, stop and stare at it then look up at me, asking how I could let that happen. That was her toy and those big ol’ bully dogs tore it up.  Anyway, I’ll be back as soon as things quiet down around here. I’m hoping next week will bring a little calmness.

3 thoughts on “Too busy and I don’t think I like it

  1. Yeah, mom – how COULD you let that happen. I bet Oreo had that foam just chewed and kneaded to perfection. It will take her a while to get a new piece just right.
    I am sure you replaces it with something even better.

    Sounds like you are “good busy.” Make beautiful new displays and have a great Pickle sale.

  2. Oh noooo poor Oreo! I think I’d be traumatized if I let that happen too *winks* Have fun with the grand doggies! Vanna

  3. Ackkk…I know the feeling. Running on empty…if only there were fumes. Life is crazy this year and everyone seems to be crazy busy themselves. Have fun with the doggies and slow up long enough for a little you time. Sea witch

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