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The weekend’s loot

It always seems to take me til Tuesday to get over the weekend that started on Friday. Sometimes I’m on a Junk Drunk, sometimes only a little tipsy. This past weekend? Something in between.

I hung around town. Hit the yard sales here and did pretty well. Unusually so. Here it is in all it’s junky glory. With accompanying narration, of course. And remember, if you see anything you’re interested in let me know. It takes me awhile to get it on the web site.



First — THE CHAIR!! I was so excited to find the chair at a price I could afford. I’m so sorry, but it is going home with me. If it doesn’t work, I’ll let y’all know.

The planters all came from this guy who was pulling doo-dads and what-nots out of boxes the whole time I was there. I even helped. He said they were his mother’s and he just needed to get rid of them. He has lots more and said he’ll keep having sales until they’re gone, or at least have all been offered for sale. The frog planters are McCoy. Not sure about the pink one. 




This California pottery turtle came from the same fellow.




Same guy’s stuff. Erin said something about wanting a lady head vase, so I got these for her. If they’re not to her liking I’ll let y’all know that, too.




Have I told y’all about getting a booth in Longleaf Antique Mall in Alex City (AL)? I’m putting new and newer things in there. These keys and the pics to follow are for the booth.




Eggs for sale pic, vintage rooster and country rooster shadow box. I’ve got to paint the sides of the country rooster box. Somebody slapped paint on the front and messed up the sides.




Iris and Herringbone bowl. Newish decor box.




Two Relic purses and one Brighton.




Darling little bookshelves.




And finally this little overnight case because I thought it’d make a really fun shadow box thingy if I could figure out what kind of scene to put inside if turned like this:





5 thoughts on “The weekend’s loot

  1. Oh wow! What great finds! i love that chair!! And the head vases too! What a great haul! Vanna

  2. I love the mccoy vase, I just gave one like it to my MIL full of roses for her bday they are just so pretty! You found some wonderful goodies, I wish it were yard sale season here but we have a month or so before they start. Happy Wednesday! xoxo

  3. You have a marble festival in your town? How cool is that!! What kinds of marble items are featured? That would be a must do for me! *winks*
    To answer your question my bust is signed G Ciprini for Giuseppe Ciprini 1826-1911… It was actually quite nice to be able to learn more about him so thanks for asking the question! Vanna

  4. I love the rooster stuff. How much do you want for it?

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