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Would you have bought this for $2.00?

White ironstone butter keeper

You might recall that my friend Tiffany and I conduct estate sales. We had a big one this past weekend. Really big. About a million smalls. We normally price things with dealers and bargain hunters in mind. The family needs it gone and that’s our goal. Everybody loves our sales. This sale had so much stuff we were pricing even cheaper than usual. It had to go. So this little, white ironstone cheese or butter keeper got marked $2.00.

White ironstone butter keeper

Yes, you read that right. Two dollars. I had my eye on several items and died a little inside as each one sold. We don’t shop the sale until it’s over. Several of the things I wanted sold the first day for full price. More left the house at half price and a couple were bargained down in the last minutes of the sale. I’m telling you, it’s painful to practically give something away when you wanted it. Could have sold it for a tidy profit. Anyway, the little, I’m calling it a butter keeper, was one of the very few items left that I wanted. I’m not selling it, though. This one is for me. But I wonder how it wasn’t snapped up? Is my taste weird? It is marked Made In England.

White ironstone butter keeper

I think it was a steal at $2.00 and an excellent steal at $1.00! So, would you have bought it or passed?


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  1. I think it is fabulous!

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