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Quick update

There’s much to talk about, much to show, found some cool things this weekend, but I’ve lost my camera cable and I’m in the middle of the major, change out every room in the shop, seasonal rearrange. It’s an ocean, a deep ocean, of heaps, piles and mess. There’s a 2′ path to every important spot, but beyond that, I’ll have to peel away the layers. Customers stand there wide eyed, with their mouths open. (But I think they really like to see the piles. There’s something exciting about finding the buried treasure.) The long, tedious process is to move this massive pile of stuff and furniture to be replaced with another piece, but first the piles of stuff had to be moved away from that piece. And on and on it goes. And somewhere, I hope, in that mess, lies the camera cable.

So, see ya when I get to shore.

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