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The weekend’s finds

The sales are slowly starting back up around here. Really, the only time there are generally no yard or estate sales at all are the weeks of Christmas and New Year’s. Our climate is really moderate, but we do get cold and I have waited in line for an estate sale in the snow, but I’m drifting. Ha! No pun intended. The sales slow up drastically between December and March. I generally take most of that time off from getting up at the Crack O’ Dawn. But by March I’m gettin’ the itch. So last weekend there were enough sales to feasibly make it worth my while to attend.

Prepare to be:


Not impressed

With no further adieu……………..



From an antique mall Friday. A marbleized door knob and jello molds. On my way home my mind was convinced the club shaped mold was a 4-leaf clover. I was all excited and ready to make something for St. Patty’s Day. But I was disappointed. My mind was wrong. So wrong.

I also bought this little jewelry box there:



So Saturday I made the trip to the Birmingham area to some estate sales. Sigh. I did get a couple of chests that are still on the back of the truck. No pictures of them yet. They need some work to put it mildly, but I promise to take pics before said work takes place. As far as little stuff here it is:



A whisk broom because I see them used in decor, a big sea shell that I have visions of adding jewels and a mermaid to, a pair of candlesticks from the Lamp Lighter Inn in Birmingham. That’s not another doorknob, but a hand held drill knob. I’m thinking I might just start a collection with those. And vintage glitter. 

Oh, one more thing. Is it wrong of me to resent the 11 year old kid in front of me in line getting the key collection? And he was asking his mom for “these drawers” to keep that collection in. She said “That’s a jewelry box!” “You don’t need that!” And “No, I’ve already written the check.” So…. I might not have got the keys, but as soon as he was out of sight, I snatched up that jewelry box!



It’s a big ‘un and was a dollar less than the other one I bought at the mall.



I’m going to try to practice up on my painting skills (or lack of) on these two pieces. And no, I really didn’t resent the kid getting the keys. Not much, anyway. I’ve got plenty of those kinds of keys.

Can you believe that’s all I brought home? Oh, there was some good stuff with mighty high prices, but not much. And we know I’m not interested in the Good Stuff. Especially not interested in the mighty high prices.


And now — what you’ve all been waiting for…….

The Give-Away!

Give-away is closed



I haven’t done this in a year. I think it’s time. If you’ve been to Anthropologie you might have smelled or even bought a Capri Blue candle. I’ve smelled the whole line and picked my favorites. Some that Anthro carries, some they don’t. Boho Luxe is one that don’t carry, but should. It smells soooo goooood! And, even though the necklace was only in the picture for ambience, I’ll even include it. And that’s hard. I love that necklace!

How do you enter? The usual. Any or all of the following:

  1. Leave a comment on any or all posts this month.
  2. Become a follower (I’ve never pushed this and was a late bloomer to put it on my blog, but my friend Tiffany who just started blogging is beating me. Can’t have that, now can we?<g>) If you’re already a follower, tell me.
  3. “Like” the Facebook page. (If you are already a liker, let me know that, too.)
  4. Tell me if you Tweeted it or Facebooked it or mentioned it on your blog.

The drawing will be at the end of the month.



20 thoughts on “The weekend’s finds

  1. Hey there,
    Cute blog! I’m a candle lover and I’m also a follower! Can’t wait to see what you do with the jewelry boxes, those are really fun to make over…..

  2. UUUHHHH! That is my necklace…knew that I should have bought it…was just thinking about it a couple of days ago…Enter me for the drawing…I am feeling very lucky…Oh, & you can use the “club” in the St. Patrick’s Day decor…we wont tell…The Cranky Queen! Tiff

  3. HI
    Thanks for visiting me today! We have our first fleamarket this weekend, I should be selling at it but will buy instead…hopefully
    Have a wonderful day

  4. Wanda, love the larger jewelry box and the candlesticks. Oh, the necklace is great too 🙂

  5. Love your blog. Always follow you. The Capri Blue Candles smell so good.

  6. How funny about the kid with the keys! I’ve had a few of those kind of treasure-hunting days myself. Your giveaway is beautiful. What a sweet gift!

    Have a lovely afternoon. And may you be the key-holder next time. =) Blessings… Polly

  7. I came from 52Flea, I’m a follower there, and I’ll be one here from now on! Love this blog!! Hugs from Argentina 🙂

  8. There hasn’t been much to find around here-but then again-I’m stuffed to the brims and need to part with some things-great finds!

  9. Love your finds and would love that candle. Thanks for sharing

  10. Well depends on the keys?……were they the nice big chateau skeleton style or the small not too special kind? Cuz I’d have distracted him for ya if it was the former *winks* Love the shell and I’d love to see what you do with the jewelry boxes. I’m your newest follower so beam me up…..oops sorry wrong blog….sign me up!LOL! I’m your newest follower.And thanks for stopping by my blog and giving me the HU. Vanna

  11. You’re so funny! We can’t let Tiffany lap you in followers – I’m already following you & I’ll FB like you too. I might’ve knocked that kid out for the keys but you made out with some really nice stuff! Thanks for the giveaway – JenT

  12. Hi Wanda dear!
    Hope you are doing well.
    That big seashell reminds me so much of my late grandfathers shell. He left it to me when he passed away in 1982. He had gotten it from Mexico in 1922 and one day when we were moving, I dropped it and it broke. I was sadder than sad…lol! I have since found an old shell to replace it thank goodness. It really brought a smile to my face when I saw it here on your dear blog.

    Deanna 😀

  13. Oh Yes. Count me in, love candles and that necklace is gorgeous. I’m already a follower!!
    Looking forward to seeing what you do with those wonderful jewelry boxes. I wonder what the kid was going to do with the keys. Maybe you don’t want to know:)
    Have a great weekend and hope you find some more great stuff.

  14. Had to laugh at your 4 leaf clover mold. Sounds like something I would think! Can’t wait to see your painting skills on the jewelry boxes.

  15. You found some wonderful treasures. I love finding wooden jewelry boxes and painting them, then shabbying them up. Can’t wait to see yours.


  16. Hello Wanda! Glad you invited me over! Great giveaway! Please put my name in the hat!

  17. Oh! I forgot, I am a new follower now!

  18. What great finds you found! I wish I had an “eye” for things, but I have such an overactive imagination that I see potential for EVERYTHING I see, and then I never get around to doing anything with the stuff I already have!!! I will be looking forward to the final presentation of what your new “treasures” end up to be!

    kathy.bruner at hotmail dot com

  19. Well, for a bummer of a junkin weekend, I think you did pretty good. I will enjoy seeing how you doll up those jewelry boxes. My thrift shop shopping this weekend was a little underwhelming too. My theory on that is, “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure, but sometimes, one man’s junk is everyone’s junk and it should be left in the pile” 🙂

    Have a good one and do pick me for that yummy giveaway!


  20. Oh, and I’m already a follower! I was late to get on the bandwagon too. Like a year and a half before I added the follower thing to my blog. Oh well, some of us are slow. 🙂


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