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25 Days of Christmas – Day….oops

Oh, shoot. I went out early this morning and didn’t get any decorations put out. We do have a tree up, but not decorated and the tree at the shop is up, but not lit. Wait…. maybe I have something here….. OK. Here we go. Pretend the price tags aren’t there.



I liked the look of the brown ribbon with the blue on the balls.


So I just had to get out this morning. I don’t know if anything was happening around here, but things slow up in a big way this time of year locally. There were, however, some estate sales in Birmingham. Or thereabouts. Three that were advertised as estate sales and one that said “walker” and “portable potty” among the list of things. I thought maybe they had Grandma and Grandpa’s stuff. Not so. Just the walker and the potty. So zilch on that one.

The next stop said this in the ad:

ESTATE SALE Plus Warehouse Full Fri, -Sat. 8-4, Sun. 1-4 Prominent **** Family Requested Antiques not to be sold.  Antiques, Glassware, pottery, 1800’s books plus warehouse full, new and used!

It was a mystery to me that the family requested the antiques not to be sold and the first thing they listed was antiques. And I envisioned a mansion with a huge building outside brimming with stuff. And I wanted to see what the “prominent **** family” had in their junk drawers – and if they even HAD junk drawers. Uh, not what I expected. It turned out not to be at the house at all. Who knows where that was. They had stuff in an auction house’s facilities. A barn, basically. Some good stuff, but a little, no, a LOT disappointing. So I looked at the ad that’s in today’s paper. It got fixed. This is how it should have read to begin with.

ESTATE SALE Plus Warehouse Full Fri, -Sat. 8-4, Sun. 1-4 Prominent **** Family Requested Antiques to be moved to our warehouse. MT pcs., Victorian Hi Back Bed & Dresser, sec., Bookcase. Antiques, Glassware, pottery, 1800’s books plus warehouse full, new and used!

Next stop was a normal house where I got the wooden salt and pepper and two Vera scarves below. Another normal house later and I had a bag of paper clips, a little blue flower frog and a brass hose nozzle. Everything else in the pictures below came from the “prominent estate”.



That little deer planter has a flocked nose. I’ve seen these before, but never knew they ever had a flocked nose. Wonder if someone did that? That white base is old milk glass. Don’t know what it was a base for, but will make a great candle base.



I thought that little stool was just too cute. One of it’s legs is lopsided. Maybe my handy dandy man can fix that. The lady selling it said she had another and took my name and number for when she found it. We’ll see if that ever comes about.



Don’t know what this little glass base was supposed to be either. Maybe it had a top? Like a fairy lamp or something? But it makes a good candle holder, too. The lady said she thought it might be Bristol. I don’t know about things like that.



These are the things I’m keeping. Am I keeping the best of the crop today? Maybe, but I’m entitled. I don’t keep much – ever. Besides, they might not work at home and have to come back here. I’m working on a little brown transferware for the dining room and I collect “mother” motto prints. I may have too many now. I’ll just have to see.

So, was it worth the trip? I don’t know. Haven’t decided yet.

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