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One man’s trash….

Peeled and scraped paint box

Many, many moons ago, my husband brought home a green, plywood box on legs. It had been in either the electrical shop or the machine shop where he worked. Apparently, the guys got something better and were throwing this box out. I think Ricky brought it home for himself for a tool box, but we needed a coffee table and I quickly claimed it. This was way back in the day, I tell ya. Wayyyy back. I’m sure there are plenty of pictures with that green box in them, but I haven’t cleaned out closets yet and it would take me an hour to find one buried in the picture box which is buried in the bottom of a closet. Let’s just use our imagination, shall we?

Years later it was replaced and was relegated to the back porch where weather got to a couple of sides.

Before picture of chipped paint box


Now, you know I’m working on my new craft room, ahem, studio, and love the look of the stacked suitcases. (Actually I love the idea of each suitcase having it’s own shelf, but that’s for later.) I had some cool suitcases, but they needed something to sit on rather than being on the floor. I looked out the window and saw the box, so sad and abandoned. So I started scraping.

Peeled and scraped paint box

Peeled and scraped paint box



Not a bad look! At least I like it. Some of you will, some won’t. (The color is off in the pictures.)

The suitcases I have were stacked waiting to be filled.

Stacked suitcases on a peeled and scraped painted box

Stacked suitcases on a peeled and scraped painted box



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8 thoughts on “One man’s trash….

  1. That was a great idea to use the old table/toolbox/whatever. Your suitcases make a great statement and I’m sure they’re wonderful for storage. I had some old suitcases and I got rid of them. Darn.

  2. I LOVE it!! have had a love affair with old suitcases for years. no recent finds, but have a stack in my craft room filled with all kinds of goodies. happy tuesday! *e*

  3. Okay, maybe I’m twisted (MAYBE?) but I did think of it as a coffin on legs. BUT with the suitcases and all, it’s such a pretty display.

  4. They look great! Glad to see you are showing us some progress on the studio..gonna be awesome when done.

  5. I just LOVE your vintage suitcase collection and I think they look so great on your weathered bench.


  6. love your suitcases – I have a love of them too! and so clever what you did!
    and glad you liked my idea of putting old lighbulbs in a glass container – I love it when I inspire others!
    amy of four corners design

  7. Ooohhhhh I love it!! Such perfect patina! And I love the suitcases too! *winks* Vanna

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