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Spice Jar Photo Holders

Spice Jar Photo Holders

Do you ever get the creative urge so badly that you feel you’ll burst if you don’t make somethingRight now. Just something! It happens to me occasionally. Yesterday afternoon was one of those times. 

Most of you know I’m all about quick and simple and this little project fit the bill quite nicely. I had pinned a picture from Mitzi’s Miscellany of some jars with book page illustrations inside bottles. The pin no longer leads to the post, but leads to her main blog page instead. I hunted and searched for a long time and was unable to find the original post, so can’t link to it for you. 

I wanted to know the size bottles she used and if she did anything special to make the paper stay in place. With that information being unavailable, I had to wing it. 

I had some spice jars close at hand and found some pictures to print out, stuck ’em in there and they stayed in place perfectly! 

Spice Jar Photo Holders

The jars were cloudy which gives it an old, antique feel in person. In the picture it just looks out of focus. Okay, okay. I can’t blame it all on the jar. I think I focused the camera past the front bottle. 

That picture shows without the lids. But looking at them, they seemed to need something… more. So I cut the clips off some old, clip on earrings, ground the backs smooth with my Dremel, and glued them to the tops. 

Spice Jar Photo Holders

I can’t decide which way I like best.

Spice Jar Photo Holdersi

If you want to make them for yourself, you’ll need:

  • Glass spice jars – You can usually find them on eBay, but yard sales or thrift stores would be cheaper
  • Old, junk jewelry, specifically clip-on earrings – again, look for them at yard sales and junk shops, but if you’re desperate, eBay’s got ’em.
  • Dremel tool or you can do it the hard way with a rasp. 
  • E6000 glue (to glue the earrings to the tops)


Scan your image and size it to 200 pixels high. I did not change the width. If it was wide enough to curl the distance inside the jar, fine. If not, that was okay, too. Simply print and cut. Roll it enough to fit inside the jar mouth. It will spread out obediently when it gets inside the jar. Then use twine, string or ribbon to wrap around the neck. Cut the clips off the backs of the earrings and grind the back enough for adhesion. Glue it onto the top and wait. 

Quick, simple, no mess, and easy!

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