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Dog Tag and Charms Necklace

Dog Tag and Charms Necklace

Yay! The first official project of the new craft room/studio, a dog tag and charms necklace, has been thunk up and finished! The room isn’t – finished – but I did move a table in there with a lamp so I could start using it. Still waiting for lighting and a furniture piece and some cabinets.

There must have been a company promoting dog tags to grammar schools in the 1960’s. I’m sure it wasn’t just my school. They weren’t the cool dog tags like our GI’s fighting over in Vietnam had. Ours were… well, they looked like this:

I remember being disappointed it wasn’t like a real dog tag, but still excited to have it. With my name on it and everything. I ran across it the other day and thought it might be cool to add some charms and actually wear it again. It was probably worn for about a month before living the rest of it’s life in my jewelry box. There were some random charms at hand and these were pulled out:

With the result being this:

Do you have one of these dog tags? Or perhaps your mother has one? Why not pull it out and put some charms with it, too? I think it’ll be fun to wear.

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3 thoughts on “Dog Tag and Charms Necklace

  1. If I had one of these sweet tags, I’d be looking for it right now. What a great idea! Why keep it stashed away when you can turn it into something like this. Very clever.

  2. I was much too young for one of those metal tags. We got a sticky name tag stuck on our shirt the first day of school! LOL Love the necklace thought…Cant wait to have craft night with the gal pals! Luv ya, Tiff

  3. It turned out great! Can’t wait to see you wear it. I had something similar, only ours were bracelets. I know I hung onto it…gotta start looking for it. It must be around here somewhere!

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