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End of sale buys – Why to always shop the last hours of an estate sale

Estate Sale Buys

My friend Tiffany and I are Sentimental Suitcase Estate Sales. Just in case I haven’t mentioned that already. 😉 We conducted an estate sale this past weekend that had some great prims and farm stuff. Contrary to what many think, we do not buy anything before the sale starts. We want everyone to have a fighting chance at all that is there when we see it. (Okay. You got me. Occasionally, we might buy something like some wax paper. LOL) And let me tell you, it’s very difficult to see all those things we would loved to have had ourselves going to other homes or to other dealers. It’s actually almost painful at times. But, and I’ve mentioned this before, there are always things left at the end of the sale that are very much worth getting! I’m amazed at some things that are left. Never assume that just because a sale has been going on for two days that there is nothing left for you. There just might be. And at the end, sellers are generally ready to let ‘er go.

So this sale allowed me to get these things. You might agree with me or you might wonder why in the world I’d even look twice at them.

Estate Sale Buys

I have a weakness for old, wire baskets and wooden trays, especially wooden trays with compartments and tin bottoms! The bottles are old baby bottles but have a definite industrial look and would make great vases. I’m strangely attracted to old, porcelain, electric fence insulators, too. And wooden rolling pins. There was another rolling pin at the sale that was hand carved and had no handles. Oh, how I was wishing no one would buy it. But they did. Lucky lady!

Estate Sale Buys

Loved the cover of the old choir book and the shapes of the brushes. Such simple things make my heart sing. I thought I’d written before how I much I like stacks of small books, but can’t find the post. But have I mentioned the warm fuzzies of a well read and worn Bible?

Estate Sale Buys

Estate Sale Buys

The scroll thing in back looks like iron, but is Syroco. All of the look at a fraction of the price. Who can resist old flowerpots with paint and traces of cement on them? Maybe you can, but I can’t. The cover of the book, My King, is gorgeous pastels that are completely washed out in the picture. 

Estate Sale Buys

I almost missed getting a picture of this old, metal spool. I know it might be weird, but it spoke to me. Not so much the cloth covered wire, but the ends of the spool. I’m sure I’ll sell this — eventually — but do I leave the wire on it or not? Do I try to figure out some repurposed use for it first? I’ll probably go ahead and put it in the booth and see what happens. See if anyone with more imagination than I comes by and loves it just as much.

That’s all for this past weekend. Except there were some more books bought mainly for the titles. Nothing all that interesting.

Last weekend, however, I bought these:

Iron Wall Accents

These actually are iron. I don’t think there’s much age on them, but they’re very pretty nonetheless.

So, do you shop sales at the end of the last day? Any good finds for you? What about this weekend? Did you get anything good or fun?



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