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March Blog Report

Not that anyone really cares, but I’m following up on my goals, both blogging and otherwise, for March. Maybe you’ll find it amusing or maybe it’ll make you feel better about yourself, either because you did better than I or you’re in the same boat. 🙂

First, let’s see how I did with goals other than blogging and internet.

I did get most of the mess out of the living room and into a storage unit. Even dusted! Yay! But there’s still a box slated for the next yard sale in there and some other things out of place. And… it needs some serious redecorating.

Clean living room

Remember the before?

Messy room

So that was good.

I also planned to paint a trunk. Uh, blew that one. But I did sit the primer can on top.

Trunk to be painted

I wanted to paint one other thing to be decided and did! Good for me! It was small, but that’s OK.

Lavender jewelry box

I wanted to get my Etsy listings backup to 150. Didn’t make it. Although I did add some new things and relisted plenty, I think I’m less at the time of this writing than I was last month. Hey! Things sell! And that’s a good problem to have.

I did manage one blog post a week. Good ones? Eh. Well, they weren’t bad, but not terribly exciting. Nothing that would have people coming to the blog by droves. Don’t we all wish we could figure out what post that would be?

Did I make my monetary goals? Almost! Sorta. I wanted to make $5.00 with this blog, not counting any of the others. I made $4.22 with AdSense, a little over half of that was with this blog. Woohoo. But it was more than last month so that’s a positive thing. Didn’t make anything with any other ad revenue.

Overall traffic (sessions) for March was 1005. (I had reported 1062 for February, but I can’t figure out where that figure came from. In truth it was 972. I must have put in the wrong dates. ) So, there was slight improvement for March.

In March there were:

1005 sessions which were from:
372 organic search
301 social media
251 direct traffic
81 referrals

Now let’s look at social media. I ended February with 732 Facebook page likes and ended March with 776. That’s good. If you guys will just interact with me, that’d be wonderful!

I haven’t kept up with Pinterest followers month to month, but at the moment, April 7, I have 2822 followers.

I’m such a small potato on all this! At least small for what I’d like to accomplish. 

What am I doing this month to make things better? Well, I’m closing two of my booths. I, and my stuff, are both spread so thin, I’m not doing any good anywhere with anything. My mind is in turmoil knowing I need to do this and I need to do that. With only one booth, Etsy and the blog to think about, I’m hoping my mind can calm down. Oh, and the estate sales we conduct, but those don’t bother me. I guess because they aren’t my sole responsibility. It does seem to be working. I fluffed the one booth I’m keeping yesterday and not worrying about the other two. What a relief!

We’re changing our strategy of how we sell things. We’ll actually have two booths. One for vintage things and one for Ricky’s tools and stuff. He does well with that booth and I don’t have to try to make it look good. It’s a man booth through and through. He is also starting to do furniture building consignment work. Our daughter is going to help paint furniture. She’s good. She needs the extra money and we need the help. I’m practically useless in that department. I’m so slow!

I’m still surrounded by a mess, but that will clean up. We’re getting ready for a huge yard sale. Hopefully that will take care of at least one storage unit.

I’ll keep the same goals of getting back up to 150 Etsy listings and $5.00 in ads.

It’s kinda fun laying it all out like this. Know what would be more fun? If some day I’m making $10,000 a month from the blog and we can look back and think what humble beginnings I had! Yeah, I’m not holding my breath, either.

Here’s to a great April!


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