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Chalkboard Door From a Broken, Vintage Door

Antique double pane door upcycled into a kitchen chalkboard door.

The following is the story of my new-old-upcycled chalkboard door…..

Woot-woot! We finally got a project done that didn’t involve work. I mean, it was work, but not paying work. Ya know? We upcycled an antique cabinet door to make a chalkboard door!

I’ve had this old door for quite a while. Bought it with this other mint green door several years ago, back when I had the shop! Got them both for a couple of bucks each. The seller thought I was talking about some cheap-o doors when I asked the price and was kind enough not to raise the price on me when he realized the doors I had picked out. 

Antique door with half glass.

This door has glass on the bottom and a big, empty, opening where there used to be glass in the top. I used it in the shop for display and when we closed it went to the storage unit. The storage unit we cleaned out recently. I knew I wanted to use it somewhere in my house, but could never figure out where, then the epiphany came. I have this narrow wall just outside the kitchen that is just the right size!

Do I hang it as is? With a big empty opening at the top and maybe put a picture in there? Maybe, but I didn’t think that’s what I wanted. So I got the idea to put a chalkboard in there. Not wanting to go to the trouble to cut a piece of wood and paint it, I used black foam board.

Black foam board to make a chalkboard with this antique, half glass door.

After cutting it to size, the board was seasoned. It works just as well as a regular chalkboard! I’m sure you know seasoning a chalkboard keeps the erased lettering from staying permanently. And to season you simply rub chalk all over then wipe down.

Seasoning black foam board like a chalkboard

I then glued it with hot glue, only in critical spots, just in case I change my mind and want to do something different. Don’t want it hard to remove. So, okay. My work was done. “Oh, hunny? Do you think you can hang this for me today?” 

As with everything we do, it was not quick and easy. There was only one stud over on the right. The door weighs a ton. Cross words were exchanged. More than once. As usual. I’m pretty useless when it comes to helping with things like this. I didn’t dare ask him to pause so I could take a picture of the process, but this is how he hung it. 

He drilled holes in the back of the door, then a screw into the stud for the door to slip onto. The studless side, got a long screw driven through the closet wall behind and was anchored with a nut on the closet side. Or something like that. 

And….. Ta daaaaa! I present to you, my new/old/upcycled, chalkboard door.

Chalkboard from an old door with the glass broken out of the top.

Notice at the bottom right corner of the picture I left a tiny sliver of “dark?” I left that on purpose — ahem —  to show you exactly where the wall ends on that side. There are only a couple of inches on each side of the hung chalkboard door. Hard to find a more perfect spot.

My room/decor photography stinks. Looks like after all these years of trying I’d get better at that. Ugh.



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8 thoughts on “Chalkboard Door From a Broken, Vintage Door

  1. As clever as it is beautiful!

    1. Thanks Diane. It’s nice to be doing something creative again. It’s been awhile. 🙂

  2. Love the door! I’m impressed. Glad y’all didn’t kill each other on the “install”!

    1. It was touch and go. LOL

  3. Great idea! I love the color of that beautiful old door.

    1. Thanks Betsy. I still have a slightly different plan for that door, but at least it’s getting used in the meantime.

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  5. Hi! This is beautiful! Can I purchase this from you?

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