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Some fresh ornaments – Christmas crafts – and…. Do you know what your talents are?

My love/hate relationship with Pinterest has had me thinking. And thinking hard! Yeah, yeah. I hear the giggling and snickering out there. Once you get over the thought of me thinking hard, this is what I’m talking about.

One day with Pinterest, I’m all inspired. I want to make every crafty thing I see, I want to make my house pin worthy. And really believe I can. The next day I believe I only had pipe dreams. Foolish ideas. Who am I kidding? I’m not talented the way those people are. I can’t make things look that good. Then I get over that pity party and start to dream big again. Do you do this, too?

Here’s what prompted the latest pity party. Erin and I spent some time Friday crafting Christmas ornaments. She’s a natural. Most of the things she makes are cute. Most of the things I make cause much giggling or out and out guffawing. That’s when I start wondering  just what my talents are and if I’ll ever find them.


Altered book and salt shaker angel[/caption]

Ok. So that’s not exactly terrible, but someone else with more talent than I could have taken the same idea and made everyone who saw it want to do one for themselves.

Now. Just what are my natural talents? After much thinking…..well….. I can play the piano and it came naturally to me. It was easy to learn. But there are definitely limitations. Short fingers for one. Odd inability to memorize for another. And it seemed like I got to a level and could never get any further. And that was a looooooooong way from a concert pianist. Enough to satisfy me and enjoy playing, though. But I rarely play any more. Can’t see and it hurts my wrists. So, what else?

Um…. I can sew… Read that not as “I can SEW!” but more like, “Welllll… I can sew….” I’m not what you’d call a talented seamstress like my friend Melanie. I know that she has to pick out seams along with everybody else, but I’ve never seen anything she made that didn’t look professionally done. I’m more of a “capable” seamstress. Still I think there’s a natural talent there. When I hear someone say they can’t sew, I wonder why not? Sewing’s easy! Nothing to it! So maybe I should start to sew more to sate my creative urges and have a satisfied feeling at completion.

Those are the only natural talents I can think of. Not much, huh? Oh, there is another. I sure can shop! LOL

I don’t think I’ll ever squelch the other crafting urges, though. Here are some other ornaments I made Friday.


The bottom left is just silver tinsel garland stuffed into a clear ball. The center right is Epsom Salt in a ball with glitter on the outside. But the other turned out to be a happy mistake:



I know you can’t tell too much about it, but it’s little plastic snowflakes from Hobby Lobby. Trouble was, they just laid there flat on top of each other. I put some Epsom Salt in there to see if that would help. Enh. Not much. Then for some really strange reason, I sprayed glue in there. I’m not sure what I thought it would do, but it made everything clump together. Horrors! So I started shaking. And it actually ended up OK! I kinda like it!


Just glitter on a little plastic trophy. Anybody should be able to spray something with glue and cover it in glitter, but oops. I see where I missed a few spots. See? I can’t even get something as simple as that right! LOL


And one more picture of the salt shaker angel Erin thought was so funny. Sigh. In retrospect, I think it would have been cuter in all silver. If I had a little ball for the head, I’d go ahead and do that, but I don’t. At least not today.

So what about you? Do you find it easy to create and do it well or are you like me, occasionally have an accidental happy? Have you found your natural talents? Do you stick with that or do you continually try to put a square peg in a round hole and try to do things you know are not your talent?


5 thoughts on “Some fresh ornaments – Christmas crafts – and…. Do you know what your talents are?

  1. Wanda, I know my talents and being a creative crafter is not one of them. I think, given time, I could make something of photography because I love it. Like you I love shopping and by that I mean thrifty shopping. I love the thrill of the hunt. I am talented at repairing lamps. If that counts, hehe. By the way, you can write and tell a good story and not everyone can do that my friend. hugs, olive

  2. You are a great story teller and I am sure have many more talents. The title of your blog has made me laugh many times. I can picture me looking around, thrifting away and hearing you say “excuse me while I buy this junk” and after all isn’t it all junk! 🙂

  3. I consider myself “crafty” …the problem is that I have one hit for each twenty misses! Last year I copied a pin from you- old wooden christmas ornaments that were painted white and glittered. They were so cute! Mine- not so much! I packed them up and thought they might look better this year. So far I have not opened the box!

  4. Girlfriend in my world you qualify as “crafty gifted”! And to be able to play the piano AND sew?…..Color me green with envy!……Let me see I don’t have any special gifts, just a somewhat passable singing voice and a LOVE of antique shopping! But I can shop most people under the table! Lol! And I’m good at eating…a little too good *sighs*
    Love that little glitter trophy cup! And funny thing I have that same exact cup and a bottle of silver glitter right in front of me…I think it’s a message from God *winks* Vanna

  5. These crafts are so pretty! I have to try them all!!!!

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