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25 Days of Christmas – today



There are a pair of these on either side of a doorway.

Things have been terribly busy lately. Normal is busy. This is terribly busy. Did I say I’m going on a 5 day cruise this Saturday – Thursday? I’ve never been on a cruise before. We’ll be going down the coast of Mexico, the same area we vacationed in. My sister-in-law’s family is having their Christmas family get-together on the boat and one couple backed out leaving an open cabin. They offered it to Ricky and me, but Ricky couldn’t get off work, so Erin and I are going.

I’m almost wishing I hadn’t committed to it. My son and daughter in law, Philip and Lisa, are coming up on the 20th and will stay through Christmas. We’ll host two gatherings here, the 21st and Christmas Day. I’m still trying to get all the decorations out and get the house ready. And I need to work. Don’t really need to close up shop for those five days. I need to work tomorrow, but have to do some last minute shopping. For the cruise. Maybe I can get some last minute gifts while I’m out.

My plan was to be completely decorated and cleaned up before we leave. Hehehe. Well I’m trying. Trying hard.

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