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Free Graphic Friday

Free graphic ~ Color strip of photos of early century lady with roses

A little late in the day, but it’s still Friday and here’s your free graphic.  On a Windows based computer, right click and save to your computer.


This is one, continuous sheet. Pretty close to actual size, and yes, the original is uneven at the top. What do you think. 1920’s? They may need to be darkened a little. It’s hard for me to tell doing this on the laptop. The further back I lean the monitor, the darker the pictures become. I can’t tell what’s correct. I’d love to see anything you make with the graphics! I think I’m going to use one of these on a spoon. I might just hop on that right now in a minute!

Personal use permission only. Do not sell image. You may sell one off crafts using the images.

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2 thoughts on “Free Graphic Friday

  1. this is a marvelous little photo sheet. Happy Easter. Sea Witch

  2. Hello Wanda: Welcome and thanks for visiting and following, this is great, now I found you, love all your vintage Easter items, can’t wait to see more, and your Vintage Easter Graphics are wonderful, thanks you! I also scope the thrift shops and garage sales for vintage items. I am addicted, isn’t it great all that can be found!

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