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Halloween Mantle 2012

Just call me… um… something clever… uh… Shoot. I can’t think of anything. But I got the mantle decorated for Halloween before we left for vacation last week! So I need a clever name for being efficient and decorated ahead of time. Yeah. I can’t think of anything.

Here’s the overall view.

Hmmm… Not a super picture. Let’s zoom in closer.

The little plastic cat with the pumpkin on his back and the two Elf On A Shelf type guys sitting back to back are vintage. The pumpkin is a reproduction and the pumpkin man in the wreath came from the Country Living Fair last year.

This picture turned out a bit fuzzy. All three are vintage. The one on the left is a black cat standing next to a black urn. Made in Japan, I believe. The cat on the right is a “buttless”.

Again, the pumpkin is a repro.

The black cat head is only a few years old, but the postcards are vintage as is the horn and the cat standing on the skull.

This is one of my favorites. It was a model kit put together back in the 1960’s-70’s. It was being thrown away by “the kids” cleaning out their parents’ house. I’m so glad I was able to rescue it.

And finally the little guys. They’re no more than a couple of inches tall. Newer? Older? I’m not sure, but I kinda think the pumpkin man and the cat might have some age on them.

Vintage Halloween is hard to find. I think it’s especially hard to find here in the Bible Belt. I just don’t think people decorated for Halloween like they did Christmas. So anything I’m able to find, I usually hang onto. Tightly. How about your area? Do you run across them very often or are they scarce as hens’ teeth?

3 thoughts on “Halloween Mantle 2012

  1. Great job with the mantel. Such fun things. I like the repro jack o’lanterns a lot and the coloring book too.

  2. Definitely hard to find vintage Halloween here in Ga. and S.C. Your mantle is wonderful. Speaking of Country Living-it would fit right in there Wanda. xo, Olive

  3. Wanda,
    your mantel is wonderful! Lots of interestingly spooky things to look at and it all goes together so well! You did a great job!

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