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Using Vintage Halloween Decorations In Your Decor

Vintage Halloween Decorations

So you have some vintage Halloween decorations and wondering what to do with them? In this post I share what I did this year. In previous years I’ve simply arranged everything on the mantle. This year, in the new house, the mantle wasn’t a good place for all that, so I spread the items around. On one hand, they have more of a punch amassed, but there’s something to be said about working them in with your regular decor.

Halloween Decor Pinterest Pin

Some of our furniture is still in storage, 7 months after the move – Man! Will I be glad to get everything here and so I can see what I need! – so there were only a few places I could actually place things. Here’s how it went:

First off, in the kitchen, a chair sits at the end of the island. I put old, fall colored yarn balls in an antique bowl and a Halloween pillow behind. Okay, okay. The pillow is vintage 2010-ish, a gift, and I love it. 

 Fall color yarns in a bowl, Halloween pillow and other fall and Halloween decorations.

This little cutie pie, scaredy cat is an old, pottery, buttless cat. I just noticed, it kinda looks like he marked the calendar. Hehehe. I got the perpetual calendar at an auction, probably 15 years ago, by leaving a bid. Got a bunch of vintage Christmas decorations that way as well. My bid wasn’t that high and it didn’t even reach my maximum! I got lucky that day.

Several years ago I tore some handmade paper into squares, stamped numbers and skull and crossbones on them and glued them onto old bottles. I particularly like the small bottle with the neck that leans. The tall bottles in the back with professional labels are antique whiskey bottles from my hometown. 

Numbers and skull and crossbones stamped on handmade paper and glued on old bottles for Halloween.

This year I tried my hand at felting acorns. After attempting the needle method, I ended up using the hot water method and let me just say this. The cheap price most people charge for hand felted items is worth it! I don’t think felting is my “thing.” I wish I’d just bought some, but noooo. I had to do it myself. You know the saying that goes something like, “Spend $100 and 30 hours of time to make something you could have bought for $10?” Yeah. That’s a tiny bit of an exaggeration but gets the point across.

The dollar store crow has seen better days. I think it’s time to replace him. The postcard is vintage.

Felted acorns in a vintage iron bowl with a dollar store crow perched on top.

I got lucky that these didn’t melt! Everything used to be stored in a climate controlled area of our old house and in the move got shoved into a regular ol’ storage unit. I totally forgot about the candles! But the pumpkin-head men and the witches didn’t suffer too badly. 

Pumpkin head men and witch candles

Here’s another non-vintage item. This is an idea I found on Pinterest a few years ago and, regretfully, didn’t save the pin and don’t know who should get the credit. I used a flour sack towel from Wal-Mart and stamped the word PUMPKINS on it – although it doesn’t look it in the picture, it’s brown ink. It’s one of my favorite fall things.

Flour sack towel stamped with the word Pumpkins.

This is most definitely one of my absolute favorite things! Several years ago a friend gave us what was left of his parents’ estate after he and his brothers got what they wanted. There was a LOT of stuff, with this witch model from the 1960’s being one. I’ve had to glue her back together a couple of times and she’s still fragile, but…. I mean… have you ever seen one of these?!

Witch model from the 1960's

Fall and Halloween items on a chippy white chest

I’m going to go ahead and include this next item just because. I had the idea last year — or the year before that?? And finally acted on it this year. It’s in the booth for $25.00. If there are no takers and it’s not looking like there will be at this point, it will come home and be mine. 

The frame has been around for years and years. I’m sure I picked it up at a yard sale. I cut black foam board in sizes to fit, chalked them up and stenciled BOO on them. You could use wood inserts just as well, but foam board is easier for me to work with. I think *I “heart shape” U* would be fun for Valentine’s Day.

Boo blackboard picture

Do you have a vintage Halloween decorations collection? Are they as hard to come by in your area as in mine? I won’t part with any of mine, but if you’re looking to buy some, here are links to Etsy and eBay for your convenience. They are affiliate links which simply means Etsy or eBay would give me a tiny percentage of the sale if you bought something. It helps me keep the blog running and I won’t know who did or did not buy anything. Just that somebody – or nobody – did.

On a different subject entirely, I’ve been getting into Instagram lately. Sure, I signed up back when it first started and posted a few things here and there whenever I thought about it but never fully explored it. But recently, I started upping my game there a bit. And I’m really enjoying it! I’m actually liking it better than Pinterest for decor inspiration. Check out some of the people and hashtags I follow for some really inspiring decor. My handle/user name/whatever you call it – I’m soooo savvy! LOL  is @justvintagehome

This post is later than I’d planned. I’ve been experimenting with taking better interior pictures. Ha! They’re still pretty horrid. I used my semi-professional umbrella lighting system and a tripod for the camera. I thought, from the looks of my pictures, I would have been better off just taking snapshots without the lighting, so went back and tried that too. Nah. They’re just as bad. How do people get those fabulous interior pictures we see on Pinterest? I understand magazines with their professional photographers and thousands of dollars of equipment, but so many bloggers are not professionals! They’re just someone with a knack for getting the picture right. And patience. I seem to lack picture taking patience.

Until next time…… 

          Happy Halloween!

Pins are always appreciated!
Halloween Decor Pinterest Pin

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2 thoughts on “Using Vintage Halloween Decorations In Your Decor

  1. I love the little bottles and the pumpkins tea towel… but my absolute favorite??? Those felted acorns!! Too adorable! I don’t decorate inside for the holidays anymore and wouldn’t do Christmas if my family would allow it. Maybe when I have more time in my day. Until then, I will gladly sell my holiday treasures to those that do. lol

    And I end up using my phone for all my photos. It is way better than my Nikon these days. Especially with a little editing. I just have too many other things on the list of things I want to buy. 🙂

    Boo! Wanda! I enjoy seeing your emails. When I get to my emails…. xo

  2. I think it’s a great idea!

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