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April Fails Brings May Sales – Sales Report for May

Booth and Etsy Sales Report

The month of May was pretty decent for the booth. Still a long cry from our $2000 goal, but whew! Compared to April, it’s a fortune!

Etsy, on the other hand, as hard as it is to imagine, was even more dismal. I still take most of the blame there. My inventory is still way down, predominantly things that have been relisted a a few times awaiting the right person to find them – and things that really just need to be put out to pasture – but I’m gradually adding to it. When I say gradually, I mean reallllly gradually. Maybe 4-5 items a week. As of this writing, I think I’m back up to 173 items in the store. I’d love to have 1000 items in there. 

So. Let’s start with what sold in the booth, shall we?

Bundled Clothespins

Bundled, peg, clothespins. I read somewhere where someone sold these in her booth, so I figured I’d be a copycat. And sold a bundle! Woot woot! 


Eastlake Chair

Two things sold in this picture. The picture of the girls, actually a fan without its handle, that I originally thought I’d keep and blogged about it here, and this Eastlake chair, which I absolute adore. The chair has been for sale for a long time. I got the chair when my late friend, Lena’s household items were being divided up among family and I got the leftovers. I had it in another mall with some 1990’s, half done polished cotton upholstery. Wouldn’t sell. When we moved out of that mall, I brought the chair home. Figured I might recover it and use it in my sewing room. Never did, so I ripped off the fabric thinking it would look trendy with the stuffing showing like this. And it still took a long time to sell! Guess if it had been painted and covered in burlap it might have sold quickly, but there was nothing wrong with its finish, and I don’t like to paint good finish antiques. Anyway, someone finally agreed with my opinion of how wonderful it is and bought it. Thank you, wherever you are! (Yeah, I know. They’re probably going to paint it, but I don’t have to know about it.)

Chair — $35.00
Fan picture of girls — $6.00

Copper Hanging Candle Holder

Sorry about the bad picture. Had to crop it out of a far away photo. —— This copper, hanging, candle holder, thing. I had it for years thinking I’d paint it. Nope. Didn’t happen. Time to let it go. 


Chicken Feeder

Sold the long chicken feeder. The round one is still for sale. 


Clock Dome Cloche

Sold two more domes. That finishes up all the glass domes I have. Maybe I should look for more?

$10.00 @

Roses Painting

This framed, roses painting. It was leftover at one of our estate sales. It’s crazy some of the things people pass up! Or maybe it says how great everything else was that this was passed by?


Painted Chest

I wish we had a before and after picture of this chest. It is cedar and Ricky basically had to rebuild it. 

$85.00 (Yes, he gives his work away.)

1960's Abstract Painting

Yet another item passed up at one of our estate sales. It was framed and under glass, so maybe that had something to do with it? Plus, people in our area are not into mid mod. This was done in the 1960’s by a Hippie Chick friend of the estate sale people’s family. Unfortunately, she didn’t sign it. I took it out of the frame to sell. I had just placed it in the booth when a fellow with great taste saw it and liked it. I had it priced at $25.00, but let him have it for $20.00. Forgot to take a picture and had to chase him down to get this pic!


Hand Crafted Sideboard

Hand crafted by Ricky sideboard. His work is truly good enough to be in better furniture stores. If this had been in Restoration Hardware, it would have been at least $1200+. I think there’s a mentality, conscious or not, that when something is in an antique mall, it’s “second hand” furniture and therefore should be cheaper. He had to drop the price to $395.00 to get it to sell. ‘Cause, by golly! It had been there two months! Yeah. He gets impatient. (The doors look lighter in the picture, but didn’t seem to be in person.)


Tile top table

Not my proudest booth moment. I kept skirting around taking a picture of this blue, tile top, table. This was a Ricky buy. He bought it for the chairs and wanted to sell the table alone. It sat there a few months before I convinced him to put the chairs with it. Took another month or two, but it finally did sell. (Exhale.) Maybe now we can get a nice, cohesive look in the booth.


Milk Glass Pedestal Bowl

Milk glass pedestal bowl.


Desk Mail Sorter

I originally planned to put this desk mail sorter thing on Etsy, but it would have been lost in a sea of identical mail sorters, so I opted to put it in the booth. It didn’t last long there.


McCoy Bird on Bird Bath Wall Pocket

Another item that was incredibly passed up at one of our estate sales. This McCoy, bird on a bird bath wall pocket. There were two of them and they had been painted. Yellow, if I remember correctly. I brought them home with me and stripped them. Paint slips right off high gloss pottery. Turned out one of them was broken and repaired. This is the other. Beautiful! I held onto it over a year before finally deciding to sell it. It actually stayed in the booth several months before someone found it. I had to keep moving it around. 

Priced $50, but they asked for the 10% discount and it sold for $45.00

Kerosene Lamp

Kerosene lamp that hung around awaiting the right person. Old? New? I have no idea about these things.


Jesus Knows Me This I Love

Jesus Knows Me This I Love. Someone gave this to my dad when he first went into the hospital. Yes, yes, I feel guilty about selling it. I am sentimental, believe me, but he had no attachment to it other than the truth of the words and I have those words in my heart. Since it was never in his home I passed it along.



Painted Mid Century Endtables

These black, mid century, end tables. We don’t paint things that either 1.) Have a good finish 2.) Or are valuable. These were badly chipped and were not high quality tables. So, they got repaired and painted. General Finishes Milk Paint in Lamp Black. Mid century isn’t a big seller in our area. We tagged them $25 each. It took several months, but sold with the 10% discount for a total of $45.00 for the pair.

Also sold 9 cans of paint, two books, and not pictured:

  • Another item from a recent estate sale not bought by the shoppers. Maybe they didn’t see it in the front yard? They saw everything else…..  A fabulous concrete pedestal that sold to another dealer before I could even place it in the booth. She followed it into the mall and had left with it before I remembered I didn’t get a picture. It was priced $34.00, but I gave her the 10% discount for a final sale of $30.60
  • A round, cottage print. $8.00

Now on to Etsy sales:

Do you really want to see this sadness? Hopefully, it will make you feel better about your own sales. You can even point and laugh if you’d like. I just know that I need to get busy! Busy like a bee! Too bad all I want to do is sew, huh? And we’ll take a few days to visit our son and his family in June, and I’ll be carting our other granddaughter around to swimming lessons, T-ball practice, going to games, and doing whatever else is needed of me. So the excuses are already in place for next month  😉

Here are the sales. All four of them:

  1. Freeman McFarlin Ashtray   
    Freeman McFarlane ashtray from the late 1960’s. It came out of my parent’s house. She had an interior decorator “do” the whole house in 1967. She used a lot of gold and green. I happen to love the look of this ashtray, but have no use for ashtrays in my home, nor do I have much of this style. And I have kept an awful lot of my mother’s decor.

  2. "T" Texas Tyler promotional postcard 
    “T” Texas Tyler promotional card.
    $3.00 That’s right. $3.00. Sigh.

  3. Vintage Lavender Pumps - Benzelli Shoes 
    Vintage, lavender, Benzelli shoes and lavender stockings.

  4. Green swirl candy dish in amoeba shape 
    Green swirl candy dish.
    $12.00   –Yeah, I like pricing things at $12.00. More than 10, less than 15…..

Also, in another mall where I share a booth, I sold this large, green, mid century, vase:
Green, flame vase


Daisy and Ladybug Tool Box

The wooden ladybug. 

Also sold out of that booth:

  • Three pieces of jewelry – total of $28.00
  • Three pieces of various patterns of green depression glass – total of $16.00
  • Pig coasters. Not old. Not pretty. Not cool. Just coasters with pigs on them that came in a box of other stuff.
  • A safety razor that had seen better days. Or maybe I just didn’t know how to clean it up – $8.00
  • A pair of short, metal (pewter looking) candlesticks with ship motifs – $12.00 (There’s that $12 again.)

Those are my sales for this month. Hope you did better than we did!

It’d be great if you did your good deed for the day and pin!

Booth and Etsy Sales Report for May 2017

4 thoughts on “April Fails Brings May Sales – Sales Report for May

  1. Such is life when you have a booth or Etsy. Up & down. I actually had a good month for May….only b/c I had a sale going on. It’s flat now. I keep saying I’m going to steal your idea of these sales reports….LOL. Maybe one day I will. Some days I really wish I had a booth again. Do you get invited to do shows much? I’ve had 2 invitations this year, but when I think about all the work….ugh.

  2. Most of your items are vintage and they are so cool! If I live somewhere near your booth, I will buy many things for sure. I’m glad that you reached your goal in May. Wish you best of luck 😀

  3. Hi Wanda! Too bad I don’t live near your booth, otherwise I’d buy lots and lots of stuff, wish you all the best sales for next month!

  4. Very cool and special items to sell on Etsy. I have been trying to sell on etsy and on ebay with not much success. I love the paitning and it was sold only for $20. I would love to see your stuff on etsy, and buy!

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