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Booth Sales Report #5

September sales were bad for me. Both on Etsy and in the booth. You can see the >>Etsy sales report here<< While I won’t take total blame for the poor Etsy sales, I do take full responsibility for the booth. We’ve been so wrapped up in selling my dad’s house (We closed on Friday. Yay!) and getting our house ready to put on the market, the best I’ve done with the booth is run by and do a quick straightening and not even once a week with that. It was sloppy. Picked-over looking. Horrible. Looked like it didn’t belong to anyone. So sad. Not like me at all. Here is how it looked when I went yesterday, prior to filling it back up — which will be next week’s post:

Booth picture prior to restocking
Booth prior to restocking.

No wonder sales were bad! 

I really debated even sharing the sales for the month, but if I’m anything, I’m transparent. I share the good and the bad. Because we ALL go through good and bad. Well, most of us anyway. Some people live a charmed life, but it ain’t me.

So here it is. My September 2017 booth sales report:

Jadeite measuring cups. They each had a chip. I was so excited to find them I didn’t see the chips. As long as I’ve been shopping sales, I don’t recall ever seeing any before. Of course, they’re all over Etsy and eBay, but they’re not all over the mall, so I put them in the booth. Click here watch the haul video where I talked about finding them here. And >Insert shameless self-promotion here< I’d appreciate it if you subscribed to my channel! 


Jadeite Measuring Cups

Jadeite Measuring Cups 1 cup and 1/4 cup
7.00 @ total $14.00

This bookcase has been with us a long time. Ricky built it early on and it truly needed some repairs and repainting, but it still looked good. I was considering it a fixture that I didn’t really care if it ever sold, but someone bought it. 

Hand Built Bookcase


These mesh kitchen baskets always seem to sell well and another clothespin bundle sold.

Mesh kitchen basket

Mesh kitchen basket – $8.00
Clothespin bundle – $3.50

This next item was passed over at one of our estate sales. I think we priced it around 50¢-$1.00. That was a huge sale with no time to research everything, so it was priced as a pretty vase. I almost put it in the donation pile when the sale was over, but something about it kept nagging at me. So I bought it and did my research and turns out it’s a mid-century, Riihimaki, made in Finland vase. Now, that’s all over my head. But it validates my instinct. 

It’s the type thing I would normally sell online, mainly because mid-century isn’t in big demand in our area, and I had even started the process, salivating about the 50 bucks or so I was hoping to get, but as I was writing the description, I realized the glass was actually cloudy inside. Not clear as it should be. Like water had stayed in it too long. Things like that are almost impossible to capture in a photo and while you really don’t even notice it in this case, it still has to be described which makes it sound worse than it really is. So I took it to the booth and sold it as a pretty, mid-century vase.


Mid century Riihimake vase

Riihimaki vase

Riihimaki designs are fascinating and something to be on the lookout for. Unless you know about them, you might easily pass them up at estate sales just like our customers did. Click here to see more Riihimaki on eBay. Get some education on them. You never know when you might run across something like this. Obviously, it happens.

A rusty wheel also passed over at the same estate sale. 

Rusty wheel

Rusty wheel

Not pictured:

New box of photo coasters — $6.00

Peach luster individual handled bowls — $29.00

Brass candle snuffer — 7.00

Gold and green cs (I don’t have a clue what that is!! No stock number and I can’t find anything missing that might fit that description. But it sold for $6.00)

3 Bar stools from my dad’s. Nothing special. $20 @ — $60.00

2 cans of paint and a book

I sure do hope the rest of the year is much, much better! How were your sales where you were? Tell me in the comments. I wanna know! 1.) Misery loves company and 2.) I actually do like to hear other people are doing well. Gives me hope.

3 thoughts on “Booth Sales Report #5

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  2. Hi Wanda!
    Interesting post & enjoyed your photos. That Finland vase…have you tried filling it with vinegar yet? That usually helps with cloudiness on glassware. Be worth a try. I’ve never heard of the maker, but that doesn’t mean anything.
    Loved the amber vase that sold. Congrats on the bookcase selling! Always thought that was so pretty.
    Surprised no one has jumped on that pebble art. It’s so pretty too. Probably should be making these comments on the other post.

  3. I missed that you sold the Finnish vase. Love that rusty wheel! Doesn’t sound like your sales were too bad for this slow time of year. I haven’t had a chance to do September’s yet, so may have to combine with October.

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