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A new collection? Decorating with vintage pictures of sisters

Thought I’d share one of the things I bought for myself this weekend.

It used to be a fan. See the notch out of the bottom? The wooden fan handle was stapled there. I thought they might enjoy living next door to these young girls I already have.

I just don’t know how to frame the oddly shaped fan so that it will coordinate with the picture I already have. And, the colors are so very different. Hmmmm…. Any suggestions?

A little history on the picture that is already on the wall. The print was a very large, and very damaged, rectangle. Much larger than what is shown. So much of it had to be cut away. It cost a whopping dollar. Or maybe not even that. It’s been a long time now. The frame, however? $75.00!!!! I took it to the local photography studio. My cousin, even. And that’s how much it cost. I’m thinking I can do better with the newest one now that Hobby Lobby and Michael’s are not so very far away.


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5 thoughts on “A new collection? Decorating with vintage pictures of sisters

  1. Maybe wait and you will run into an oval frame at an estate sale. I see them all them time. Or check out thrift stores for frames. I just cannot pay those high prices for frames. And I think even the hobby stores elevate the prices then half them. Anyway the girls are darling and will be adorable framed like the others.

  2. Thrift stores and fleas often have the perfect old frames! My grandmother collected fans, especially church fans!

  3. Sweet girls! I dont think I’d frame the fan at all…maybe just put a teensy hole in the top and pin it to the wall. Any way you use it, it will be wonderful.


  4. Congratulations!! You’ve been given the Liebster Award for great blogs with less than 200 friends following!! Go to my post to find out more!


  5. I’d just re-attach a handle…Maybe one wrapped in vintage lace, with vintage ribbon? Something like that because I’m a cheapo! Lol! And no I’m not one bit surprised by the cost of that frame….It’s a real beauty though!
    I’m about to start my etsy shoppe (finally!) and I’m sceered out of my mind that my pictures won’t be good enough *chews fingernail* Talk about peer pressure *winks* I think your pix are perfectly arty. Vanna

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