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How To Save Money – Up To 90% – On Cleaning Supplies

How to save money on cleaning supplies, up to 90%! This is so simple you'll wonder why you never thought of it.

While most of my posts are “green” because most of my posts are about hunting, buying and using vintage items, and by its very nature vintage is “green”, this post isn’t. I’m not telling you how to make homemade cleaning supplies that are good for you and the environment. I’m talking about the hard core stuff. The cleaning supplies sold at the supermarket. And sometimes even harder core than that. So please forgive me on not being very green this one time. Okay? Pretty please?


There are two things I don’t do much of: cooking and cleaning. Yet, I love cookbooks and recipes and have bought and hoarded them for years and I love to stroll down the cleaning product aisle, reading the labels, envisioning my sparkling clean house, and knowing… knowing buying this or that product will make me want to clean, so I tend to buy ~and hoard~ those as well. Beause after all, it was a pipe dream. Buying the magic product did not make me want to use it when I got home. And…. cleaning products are ex-pen-sive! I’m going to tell you today how to save money while buying that beckoning promise to an easy, sparkling clean house to your little heart’s content.

It’s no secret I love estate sales. Most people think of estate sales as overpriced, dead people’s stuff. Did you ever stop to think that just like their earthly treasures, they didn’t take their cleaning supplies with them either? And most estate sale companies slap 25¢ – $1.00 on them and watch them fly out the door. 

The picture above is some — only SOME — of the cleaning supplies at the estate sale we’re currently prepping. (I’m half a team of two who conduct estate sales in my while-I’m-not-on-the-internet life.) Many of those bottles have never been opened or have been used once. Some are 1/4-1/2 full and priced appropriately for a small amount. 

The thing is, you can’t say, Oh, I need some Scrubbing Bubbles. I’ll go to an estate sale and buy some. You might get lucky, but you might not. You have to go to the sales and buy it when you see it. If you know you use something, even if you don’t need it right then, go ahead and save yourself some money and buy it. 

It’s similar to shopping the store sales+coupons. You hold the coupon waiting for a good sale on the item. And how irritating is it when a sale doesn’t happen before the coupon expires?! I remember the good ol’ days of “no expiration date” coupons. Sigh. Even then, the savings won’t be as substantial as buying at the estate sales. Unless, of course, you doubled or tripled the coupon and combined it with a super duper sale and maybe a rebate. And how many of us do that on a regular basis? Oh, and worse, you realized that super duper sale was last week and you missed it. This method saves all that worry and hassle and trying to make sure not to miss a coupon or sale. 

So that’s it. The big secret on how to save money on cleaning supplies. Have you been doing it all along or are you doing a head slap right about now?


How to save money on cleaning supplies, up to 90%! This is so simple you'll wonder why you never thought of it.

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2 thoughts on “How To Save Money – Up To 90% – On Cleaning Supplies

  1. Great post idea Wanda! And this is so true!! I have passed up some of those estate sale cleaning products, but I was sorry later…why didn’t I buy that “Murphy’s Oil Soap” I saw? Why didn’t I buy that full “Off” bug spray can I saw?? Do you KNOW how expensive “Off” is in the store?

  2. Once again, estate sales are the secret! I’ve gotta make it out to more estate sales!

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