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This Month’s Antique Booth Arrangement

Antique booth arrangement for March 2018

We got a new booth! It’s in one of the most coveted spots in the mall. It has launched renters into their own shops, even. But let me tell you this. It’s not the magic bullet. It has to be worked and has to have what people want or it won’t do any better than anywhere else in the mall. It’s all about presentation and content. 

With the move into the new booth coinciding with the move into the new house, the booth hasn’t got the attention it needs. I did a quick 2-hour arrangement, then a few days ago took in some new smalls and poked around for about an hour. So, not the ideal situation for sales. I thought I’d show you what it looks like anyway.


Antique booth arrangement for March 2018

Okay. Not bad, but when this is across the aisle:

…. well, who is going to notice mine?? Isn’t that fabulous?! I really need to up my game to get my share of attention. 

Turn your head. Avert your eyes from all that fabulousness and let’s look at my booth. Pretty please? Here are the close-ups. 

Painted end table and chair

Erin’s contribution. She painted the end table and upholstered and distressed the chair.

Farm table and benches

Ricky’s contribution. He experimented with this table – a different finish for him and no fancy legs. Not his usual work. It will be so good to have him back in the workshop! The table sold, but they didn’t want the benches, so they are still available as of this writing.

Spring table in the antique booth

My small, nod to spring. That tall, planter looking thing with the swirly lines? It was made from an old Quaker State Oil can and has an old, 19¢ sticker on it. Probably made in the 1960’s or so. 

Spring arrangement in the antique booth

Booth arrangement

Just stuff for a tabletop arrangement. Uh… how in the world did I miss that empty hanger??! [Insert eye rolling emoji] I also think maybe I should put the poodle print under the mirror holder strip thing somewhere. 

Erin put the mirror in there. I believe she’d do better taking the mirrors out to sell separately. We might do that this weekend.

Kitchen area in the booth

The kitchen area in the booth.

More tabletop booth arrangement

Fuzzy picture of more stuff.

Corner shelves with booth items

I think the best (sweetest, cutest) thing on the corner shelves is the picture of the little boy. Think anyone will ever find it? He is kinda hiding.

Antique booth arrangement

The mostly green display. I generally display by color.

Odds and ends in the booth

So… okay. These shelves got the things that wouldn’t fit anywhere else. Except what’s on the top shelf. Those were purposefully placed.

Booth items

Just more stuff.

The industrial corner in the booth

MCM items overflowing into the industrial corner.

MCM items

The few mid-century items I have currently. MCM isn’t a big seller in our area. The hanging lamp really doesn’t belong there, but I need a ladder to put it in the spot it needs to go. I love that lamp, by the way. 

And that get’s us all the way around. If you stuck with it to the end, you’re so sweet and I love you for it! Thank you! I bet I made you feel good about your own booth, huh? Or maybe, just maybe, you saw something that made a lightbulb go off in your brain and inspired you to do something similar, only better! That’s always my hope in sharing these pictures.

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2 thoughts on “This Month’s Antique Booth Arrangement

  1. I just sold a mirror almost exactly like that large vanity mirror, but I painted it white and distressed it. It sold pretty quickly.

  2. I always enjoy looking at photos of your booth Wanda. Makes me miss a having one, but not all the work involved! Yes, you’re right…you really have to “work” it all the time! I LOVE several things in it too!

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