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Red drapes, green wall – And it’s not even Christmas!

Phase I of a family room redo.

Last Saturday I woke up intending to clean off my desk. Figured that would take the better part of the day. But I made the mistake of looking at Pinterest first and saw this:

Amanda Nisbet design

An Amanda Nisbet design via My Design Chic via Pinterest. Pretty, huh? I couldn’t find this picture on Amanda Nisbet’s web site so I’m giving credit both to her and the web site it was pinned from. I did see that Amanda has a book, Dazzling Design. Looks good.. Gets great reviews on Amazon. It just might have to be a future purchase. But I got off topic. As usual. Back to my project……….

The drapes in the picture spoke to me that morning and that picture must have been next to a picture of a room with green walls, because my mind meshed them together and I thought I have a room with green walls and… don’t I have some red print fabric in my stash?

Desk forgotten, I made a beeline to my fabric closet and there it was. Probably has been for years. I don’t recall buying this fabric. It is vintage, so it would have come from an estate sale probably for some loose change.

Vintage red print fabric

It’s perfect! But was there enough?……… Yes! Exactly enough to frame two windows, one panel each. And oh, how I needed new drapes. You see, I’ve been living with this big tear for…. um… well, let’s just say over a year. My family and friends know how lazy I’ve been in leaving this on the window. But maybe I’m not prepared to say it out loud here.

Torn sheers

We were keeping some grand furbabies when this happened. I should have repaired them when the rip was smaller or taken them down and left the window plain, but remember. I’m lazy about things like that. I’d look for new fabric every time I was in a fabric store, but never fell in love with anything.

So I measured the fabric – three times – this is significant – and cut. First cut went well. But I was watching Dear Genevieve and wondering why in the world her client didn’t like arches and how in the world she was going to please this girl… and cut the second panel right on the hem line instead of the cut line. Grrrr. But no biggie. I just sewed it up and made the hem fold there.

Got ’em finished — Me! I finished something! – And hung. Remember I said I measured three times? They’re about an inch too short. I’m still scratching my head over that. Don’t know how that happened. But I’m living with it. Some day I’ll lower the hem. Maybe. If it bothers me too much. Yeah. Not likely.

The windows frame French doors and I haven’t learned how to take a picture from the inside to show the inside, but facing the outside. So here are pictures of the sides of the drapes.

Left window:

Drapes and vignette

Right window:

Primitive cupboard, florals and red print drapes

I’ve always loved mixing primitives with florals and golds. The wood’s patina and gold and feminine things just does it for me. Always has. Now, that cupboard wasn’t always there. It lived at the shop for several years. Nobody seemed to want it. Probably because it’s painted blue inside and I never bothered to change that. I’m glad they didn’t, though. I always wanted to bring it home and when we closed the shop, home it came. It sat out under the carport for a couple of months until one day I took matters into my own hands and brought it inside. It took me, literally, 45 minutes to get it in the house and in place. It is H E A V Y. Ricky was gone when I decided it was time. He’d have had it inside in 5 minutes or less. It first went to the hall and was in this post. I was afraid to try it in the den, afraid it would be too big and I wouldn’t like it (whine) and have to move it baaack (whine). It took me all day to talk myself into moving it around the corner, but I finally made myself stop waffling and just do it. Thirty minutes later, yes it took that long! it was in place and I love it! Whew! The picture below shows what this spot looked like for the last XX years. Again, I ain’t telllin’.


Yep. Litter box, air freshener, crooked candle, picture trying to hide behind the desk and all.

Below is my favorite picture of the spot. I took it with Instagram. Love the effect! Gonna make it my icon on a few things. I’m always amazed when I take a picture that I like to look at. Photography has never been a natural talent for me. I’m always like Whoa! I took that?! 😉

Drapes and floral painting

Speaking of Instagram, I’ve just joined! Finally replaced my four year old dinosaur of a smart phone with the latest and greatest. Or so it’s touted to be. I do like it, but am most thrilled I can do Instagram now. I’d love for you to leave your Instagram link in the comments. It’s lonesome out there! And of course, I’d love to have you following me as well. (Or in lieu of leaving your link in the comments, if you follow me I can find you.) Mine is Or you can click on the icon in the sidebar.

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6 thoughts on “Red drapes, green wall – And it’s not even Christmas!

  1. I absolutely love the new drapes! Wish I could sew, but I find it too intimidating. I know:) They look great with the walls, and I love that cabinet, too. It loks like it really belongs there!

  2. What a great job you did with the curtains! And you are one step ahead of me with Instagram. I’ve really wanted to try it for quite some time.

  3. The drapes are a fantastic color! Love it!

  4. *LOVE* the red drape green wall combo! Doesn’t speak to me of Christmas at all, but just warm, cozy, vintagey, with a nod to Mediterranean style. yum.

  5. Oh, Wanda – these turned out perfect! The material is fantastic – love PInterest! I am delighted to share that your post will be featured in this week’s A Return to Loveliness, I appreciate you sharing,

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