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More of the Christmas decorations

So much for that hope of posting Christmas decorations daily, huh? Well, gosh darn it! There’s so much stuff I couldn’t get anything completed enough to take a picture! Melanie came over one evening and helped me figure out places to put things. That one evening put me days ahead, but still, not much is picture worthy yet. And there simply cannot be a whole room picture. The pictures below are severely cropped so the junk around isn’t in the picture.

Here are the few things that are finished enough to take a picture. I realize it’s getting a little late to be, ahem, inspiring — as if anything I have or can do could actually be inspiring. But no, these collections will either inspire you to clean out your junk or inspire you to greater collecting heights.

Vintage Christmas Decor


Vintage Christmas Decorations


Christmas Ball Wreath from Anthropologie

Collection of vintage pine cone elves

And yes, there is lots more to come. (There are lots more? Is? Are? That has always given me trouble.) Santas, snowmen, Putz houses, reindeer, bottle brush trees, tree toppers, knee hugger elves, the bird tree, the bell tree, the gold tree, the silver stuff, the big tree… And there’s also Tiffany’s and Melanie’s houses. Got plenty to blog about from now til Christmas! Let’s see how well I do.

I don’t know why I can’t seem to get it all done. I will say this: I don’t like being a “career girl”. There. It’s out. I love having the shop, but I love being home. The shop’s not going anywhere, but I’ve realized I cannot keep regular hours and my sanity, so the sign on the door says open by chance, appointment and special events. One thing on the to do list is to make a sign to encourage people to call me if I’m not there.

3 thoughts on “More of the Christmas decorations

  1. Just love the elf collection…and the elf sitting in the wreath.

  2. Looks great so far Wanda

  3. Well…I have seen “the collection” up close & personal and the pics just do not do your decorations justice. You, my friend, have probably one of the most awesome, astounding collections of vintage Christmas decorations known to anyone. You could write a book on antique and vintage Christmas decorations! Matter of fact, in your “spare time”, that is what you should do…lol Tiff

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