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It’s almost here!

The grand opening. It’s next week!! June 12, 13 and 14. Ack! I’m still pricing things, making jewelry cards and digging out more jewelry. There’s a whole wall that looks yuck, and Ricky hasn’t brought his little boy things down, yet. He also needs to hang my sign, wire some speakers, put in a phone jack and lots of odds and ends. I don’t even have a phone, yet. That’s one reason I haven’t blogged lately. I’m down there all day and haven’t had time at night. Too, nothing much interesting has been happening, or if it did there was no time to talk about it.

Let’s see. We bought a bass boat sort of on the spur of the moment. Someone Ricky knew was selling it at a good price and he wanted it. We’ve had it at least a month, but haven’t had a chance to put it in the water.

Erin’s having a dental implant and I’ve had to be on hand with the credit card. Whole days I should have been working in the shop. But I don’t mind. It’s for my baby.

Lena went to NYC – lucky duck – and I was on animal duty two times last weekend. Twelve cats and four(?) dogs. But that all went well. One geriatric cat slipped by me and escaped laundry room confinement, but he was pretty easy to catch.

Oh! I did go to an interesting sale last Thursday. It was hair day, so I was going toward Birmingham anyway and this sale was 10 miles or so away from the salon as the crow flies, but a long time traveling when you have to travel highways, stop at red lights and battle traffic.

The sale advertised a huge doll collection (they did not exaggerate), depression glass and lots of other things — all “priced to sell”. Ha! We all know what that means. “Priced to sell” is very subjective. I ended up with little nick-nacky stuff. Figurines and such. A couple of small pictures, a small McCoy pitcher. Just stuff. But I did pick up a Westmoreland milk glass set. It was a basket bowl with a lid that had eggs molded in with a yellow chick on top as the knob. There were 4 chick egg cups with it, 6 pieces in all. Marked $12.00. I thought I might could get $40 or $50 for it and thought I’d take the $12 chance. I took everything to the check out table and when they got to that set, the lady working the adding machine was a little surprised. She thought it was more than that, but the lady wrapping said, “No, the tag says 6 pieces, $12.00”. I wrote the check and the wrapping lady continued to wrap. Slowly.

Just as she got through and I was about to leave, another lady came back and said the price for the chicks set was wrong. It was supposed to be $125.00!! ! Gasp! In shock, I said “Ooo! I want my $12 back”. Then I chuckled and said I was hoping I could sell it for $40. They didn’t find that funny. “Oh, no. It’s worth a lot more than that.” I got the first check back, wrote another minus the $12 and was on my way. As I was walking to the car, the shock wore off. “Heyyyy, wait a minute!” If I’d done that in the shop or on the web site, it would have been tough luck for me. I wouldn’t dream of saying pay the price it should have been priced at or give it back. I thought about going back and telling them that and calling it to their attention how nice I was about it and just anybody wouldn’t have taken it so lightly. But by that time I had 10 minutes to make a 20 to 30 minute drive, so I didn’t.

Once home I did a little research. $70 seems to be the going price for the set. I wonder if they ever sold it?

That’s about it for me. Just work.

Catch ‘ya later.


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