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Button, button… Who’s got the button?

Button Collection

Well… um… I guess I do.

Button Collection


I confess. I’m a button hoarder. I’m addicted to buttons. I grab them every time I see them. At least I do if they’re inexpensive.

Button Collection


I’ve collected buttons for, oh, 20 years or so. At one time I had them all together as sets and in notebooks. Then in jars. When the collection kept growing, they all got thrown together.

Button Collection


I’ve worked all day in the bedroom/sewing room, trying to clean it up and organize it enough to at least keep the door open. One of the problems was what to do with all these buttons! Then I remembered the drawers I bought a couple of weekends ago. Thought the buttons might look pretty good just poured in one of them. I’ll get around to separating them again some day, but for now this is how they’ll be.

But that’s not all of them! Those are the loose buttons with just a few cards. I decided the carded buttons needed to go somewhere else.

Button Collection


And there’s probably this many more at the shop.

The final result of the drawer of buttons is this:

Button and sewing collection




A little child size cupboard was set atop the drawer. A perfect fit. The cupboard holds ribbon in the open doors and pin cushions, needle books and figural tape measures on the shelves.

Think you’d like to collect buttons, too? eBay is a great place to find them if estate sales seem to be taking too long. 


And remember the French chair I bought last week? It fits beautifully in my living room!



I’m so excited! There’s no need to be in a hurry to recover it, either. Except that it’s kinda dirty, especially the arm pieces. But we don’t sit in there and I believe we can live with it until the perfect fabric is found.







11 thoughts on “Button, button… Who’s got the button?

  1. Wanda I’m having button envy!What a huge collection! Love the way you’ve got them displayed…makes me want to run my hands through them *winks* And that chair is torturing me too!LOL! Love it my new friend! Vanna

  2. Man I thought I had it bad for buttons! Love how your carded ones …

  3. I love your button collection! Any time you want to part with any of your metal rhinestone buttons, just let me know and I would be happy to buy them from you.


    1. I just happened here. Saw the “who’s got the button..” um. I do..too. The part about keeping the door open hit home. Only I have cats and dogs and the door remains shut. I took over the bedroom and another room as well. Buttons, vintage fabrics,notions….

      1. It multiplies while we’re not looking doesn’t it?! But what a fun collection to have. All the vintage sewing things. We’ve moved since this post and I don’t have my sewing room set up the way I’d like. It’s very functional, but sure ain’t pretty. Thanks for stopping by the blog!

  4. Well, I guess “button hoarding” is better than other hoarding such as cats or fish or birds! Much cleaner too. LOL…U know that I covet your buttons. Like what you are doing with them and love the chair…had not seen it…perfect color in your living room! Keep on keepin’ on (regarding Erin’s room). Love ya, Tiff

  5. I hoard buttons too! I have jars full. Love what you’ve done with them.Makes me want to rummage through them.

  6. You have got me beat! I have button envy!

  7. Hello and Happy Spring!
    Thank you so much for linking up with Studio Sunday… I just love the drawer of buttons, there is just something about looking through a handful of buttons and in your case many many handfuls!
    Your chair looks wonderful!

  8. I’m a button hoarder…errr Collector too. I just found Rebecca’s Studio Sunday but this coming Sunday I’ll link to it. I’d love to have you visit with me too.

    Stephanie ?

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