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Goodies from last weekend

The sales last weekend did yield a few finds in spite of low funds. (I forgot to pay my sales taxes for August and got slapped with a steep penalty.)

The first estate sale of Saturday was in a section of Birmingham that was once a nice area, but is slowly being taken over by an unseemly element. You know the story. It’s going on everywhere. I think that keeps the faint of heart away, but not me. I gripped the steering wheel and went in.

I pulled up to the house, expecting a block of cars, but there was only one. It was me an one other shopper. That was good. Hearing somebody shouting at someone else across the street was a little scary, but once inside, it was great.

So, I was about 20 minutes late, but they said they’d only had about 10 people ahead of me! And those 10 left some things I’d have snapped up if I’d been the first and only.

Second sale finished me off. Had to go home after that. No more money. So here are the finds. You can click on the link for a larger picture..

Don’t forget Ghoul’s Night Out, Tuesday, October 5 from 5-8 pm. Hope to see a lot of locals and near locals here!

2 thoughts on “Goodies from last weekend

  1. I find some of my best stuff in the seedier parts of town. Well, not too seedy. I like those little elf guys. Too cute!

  2. Love the enamelware — it was worth braving the elements.

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