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Awwww… It fell of the truck

Too bad!

This weekend was a poor one for finding the loot, but we (Erin and I) did hit pay dirt at one sale. There was a gorgeous wrought iron set of chairs in the front yard marked $800 – and I’d say worth every penny. Of course that was just a tad out of my range, but… what’s that pile over there by the driveway? Broken pieces! I asked one of the sale people who said the head sale guy was bringing them over and that – was that two chairs or a bench? – fell off the truck and busted all to pieces. I’d have to ask head sale guy what he had planned for them. And you bet I did. He was going to trash it. Trash it??? “Can I have it?” “If you’re strong enough.” Oh, we’d find a way!

Just because these were free does not mean I’m going to give them away. No, we worked harrrddddd for these things. The bolts still had pieces sticking up in the air and I was in the car. We had no tools, so had to break them further. Someone was blocking the drive meaning we had to carry them up a hill. A kind man, our hero for the day, felt sorry for us and toted most of the pieces for us. Yay! These things way no less than a ton. My poor car. You could feel the weight in the trunk.

It was up to Erin and me to unload. I wasn’t about to tell hubby I’d hauled these heavy, rusty, sharp edge pieces in the trunk of my car. No way! This is how they looked unloaded. (I wish I’d got a picture of the heap we found them in.)



It was so funny. People at the sale would give us those “what do you want that for” looks. Some men commented that it couldn’t be repaired. One lady screamed – not really screamed, but she sounded alarmed – that that belonged with those chairs. Most people just looked at us and shook their heads. They saw a pile of junk. We saw fabulous garden art.

I had to work to get the bolts and ragged pieces off and lift them around by myself today. My back hurt, but by golly, it was worth it, I think! I missed getting pictures of the two seats.













I did a little rearranging at the shop today. I traded a lamp for this swing.



The computer I use at home is messed up. I’m having to use the TV as a monitor and it’s way, way across the room. I believe I’ve talked about my bowling alley rooms? Long and narrow. This is really hampering my computer work and fun at home. I’m still trying so hard to get back into the habit of reading everyone’s blogs and keeping up. This has set me back more until I get a new laptop at home.

8 thoughts on “Awwww… It fell of the truck

  1. I’d be more excited about those pieces anyways–and FREE–wahoo, what a deal!

  2. Awesome job…lots of work, but definitely worth it! All the pieces are beautiful <3

  3. Wanda..I have been giggling about your story…!! What an awesome find! You have a good eye for something wonderful chickie! I love all the pieces…I was drooling!

    Deanna 🙂

  4. You know I love a good trash pile story!

  5. Hey Wanda! Hop over to my blog when you get a chance. I have an award for you.

    Deanna 😀

  6. What wonderful pieces! And what a beautiful blog!

  7. Wow- they have a great patina. I would have wrestled them in the car too. Gotta love those helpful men who appear to help us damsels in distress! Good find!


  8. Reminds me of finding 4 LARGE pieces of wrought iron in a barn in a vacant house ( I was driving the Lincoln then, had no truck) you would not believe, yeah you probably would believe, how I hauled those items in my Lincoln to my house. thanks to my son in law, they are now abeautiful rose arbor. YOU GO GIRL.

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