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I’m So Weak!

I caved. Sunday afternoon. Couldn’t stand it anymore. I washed dishes, but didn’t take the time to wipe down the counters. Left the fully decorated Christmas tree, the angels on the mantel, the pine cone elves, the cardboard houses, all that needed to be done and, inspired by Theresa at Time Worn Interiors to find a small aquarium or some broken-off-the-body bisque heads (look at all the pictures on her blog, you’ll see), took off to the junk store 30 miles from here. If anyone would have something like that, it should be them.

Need a mug or three or three thousand?

J&J Junk


How about a plate?

J&J Junk


Or maybe a figurine is what you need today?

J&J Junk


Those are just three rows out of, oh I don’t know. Forty or so? (Half of those are clothes and stuff.) Now, you’d think… Ugh. Nothing’s changed. It’s all dollar store junk or something that would be semi decent if it’s arm wasn’t missing and it wasn’t $5 as is. Even with broken stuff all over the place I didn’t find any bisque heads. Or any broken bodies that I wouldn’t mind breaking off the head. No small aquariums, either. What a waste of time! Should have stayed home and taken down decorations. Although I did have to buy something. A no slip rug pad.


8 thoughts on “I’m So Weak!

  1. Wanda dear, when you get a chance, hop on over to my blog. I have an award waiting for you.


  2. Hi Wanda!
    Thanks for your sweet comments on my little tutorial. They are so fun and easy to make and a great way to use up those pesky scraps. LOL

    Wow! That is some kind of junk store! Don’t you just hate coming home empty-handed?
    Oh, and you think YOUR having estate sale withdrawl? Try living in Ohio, right now. Cold, icy and not even a decent indoor flea market. Spring can’t come fast enough. 🙂

    I hope you find your bisque heads.
    Kimberly 🙂

  3. Where is the junk store? I could skip the mug row -but I would love to go through the plates! Ha! Like I need another plate… Sorry you didn’t find any heads-I’ll watch out for some!

  4. Sorry you didn’t find what you were looking for! Try a Goodwill or Salvation Army. That’s always the way when you want something real bad, you can’t find it! Thanks for the mention.

  5. I just found you via Theresa at Time Worn Interiors. I can see that I’ll be here a while. Sorry the junk store didn’t pan out. You’ll probably see the aquarium on the curb one day when you are driving to a junk store! ~Mindy

  6. Wow, is that a Goodwill store? It’s HUGE! I’d get lost in there. I enjoy looking at your vintage finds…and haven’t been able to visit for awhile because I had a baby three months ago…so glad to have a minute to check out some of my old bloggers!


  7. Crack me up. We have a store like this here too. But see that glass domed thing-in the statue aisle- that likely has some nasty flower thing or bird statue underneath? Well, I always snatch those up, ditch the interior contents, sometimes ditch the base, other times paint the base white or black, and they FLY out of our booth. People love them as an alternatie to the higher priced cloches…


  8. The tree will always be waiting, but good junk doesn’t. you don’t know whats there til you look! Its in our blood, we HAVE to go and see!

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