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Found this hiding in someone’s closet



A couple of years ago, at an unknown estate sale, I was plundering in the hall closet and found that Cupid picture. I knew my friend, Tiffany, collects these pictures and intended to give it to her, but got it home and decided it was simply in too bad condition to give to her. So I kept it. And started my own collection. Now, how do you hang a picture that’s torn up like that? I thought of trimming and framing it, had it propped for a long time and finally decided to try this. I love how it looks against the wall color. Now the dilemma is how to use the whole collection. This is what I’ve come up with. Not that I’m happy with it, mind you. Just all I can figure out at the moment.



Good grief! That’s the same wall. Look at the difference in color! Different days, different light. Neither is exactly the color of the wall, but the first picture is closest.


Erin came up and spent a few days with us last week. We went to some estate sales on Saturday in the rain. Got a piddling amount of things. A footstool and a bird cage stand with a bottomless birdcage in it. A few other hinky things. We also went shopping for a wedding dress. And ordered one! It’s absolutely gorgeous and she’s gorgeous in it. It’s mermaid style. That picture won’t be shown until July.

That’s about all I have to talk about today. Nothing much going on here, but work. eBay, website, shop. The usual.

11 thoughts on “Found this hiding in someone’s closet

  1. Love the way this little collection looks! Beautiful old graphics, and I think the tattered one wrapped with string is a great centerpiece! The 3 little ovals at the top…are they hitched together? I found a little thing like that @ a yard sale with 5 or 6 ovals hooked together, with tiny prints of pretty women in different hats. Cool feming! *elaine*

  2. Me again…meant to say cool framing in that last sentence! That’s what happens when I start thinking that I remember how to type!! LOL *eleine*

  3. What a find! I collect vintage photos and would have snatched that one up! Love the way you displayed it!


  4. Hi Wanda! What a lovely picture. What a find. I think it looks great how you have itg but if you would like to have some ideas you should visit Jenn over at Sweet Eye Candy creations. She has a wonderful blog and she is so creative. She is a very sweet lady.

    Here is her address:

    Have a great evening,
    Deanna 🙂


  6. I just love that picture. It reminds me of the vintage picture I have on my blog!

  7. oh, she definitely needs some little wings….any chance you would scan her and email me the picture?? please please pretty please??

  8. TAG YOUR IT! Come over to my blog for instructions….have fun!

    Deanna 🙂

  9. Oh, I love Cupid Awake and Cupid Asleep! I bet even in tattered condition yours has some value. I like the aged edges. You might put it on top of a matting board so the edges show and then frame the matting without a glass so you can appreciate the texture of the edges and the layering. If it were my collection, I might separate the sets out around the room or even in separate rooms.

    My grandmother had “Cupid Asleep” in her house, and when I was little I thought it was a baby picture of one of her children. 🙂

  10. LOVE that picture!! I collect (and sell) old photos. I can’t get enough of their uniqueness…their clothes,hats, hair and expressions are so great. I also think it looks perfect the way you have hung it. Such a great idea.

  11. That picture is great. I have never seen anything like it. It’s amazing to me that you have a collection of them. I had no idea such a thing exsisted for collecting.
    I really like them!

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