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What can it be?

What is in this big pile of stuff?

A friend called and said family had got everything they wanted from their mom’s and the rest has to go. If I want it, come get it. Yippee! We got started and hauled out this much before the bottom dropped out of the sky.

I really didn’t even look at it before taking it out. Only glances. How fun it was to really unbox all this. Of course, some of it went straight to the garbage, but I like to be the person who decides that. Not somebody who has no interest in junk. I did hear that some things were thrown away before the thrower-away-person was stopped.

Here are some highlights from this first load:

Twenty two, yes 2 and 20, 22 hats. Some in great condition, some not so good.


Small Holly Hobbies still in the box, a Tammy box (I sold Tammy for them a few months ago. Didn’t know they had the box.), a hand made doll and Roy Rogers gloves.


Tooled leather purses. The box purse lid needs to be glued back to the hinge.


Small box of buttons.


A hosiery holder made from mattress ticking. For some reason, I just love this. She had it nailed to her closet door.


And, my favorite, $19.99 Kinney shoes. These are so cute! And so current. They look like they were worn once. I do so wish I wore a 6B. My big, ol’ 7-1/2 foot just won’t squeeze in them.

So there was nothing there that will make me rich, but some fun things anyway. There was a long, dotted Swiss, ruffled dress and a late 1800’s style dress that was made for the 1959 celebration of our town’s incorporation. Can’t remember if it was a 100 year celebration or a 75 year celebration.

That crown you can see on top of the pile was made of crepe paper and was given to one of the children for being a class favorite in 1968.

Can’t wait to get back over there this weekend and get the rest.


The move to the booth continues. The little stuff is being placed. I took today off to get some things done around home and to work on item pictures and listing them on the web site and Etsy, but dozed off and on til noon. And I’m still sleepy! Good grief! Some days I’m going strong, some days I just want to sleep. Can’t figure out if it’s emotional, if I’m not getting proper rest at night, if I’m sleeping too late in the mornings or pushing myself too hard then crashing. But it is what it is. If I get up and out, I don’t have a problem with it. It’s hanging around reading the computer screen that seems to knock me out. đŸ˜‰ I remember my mother couldn’t read the back of a cereal box without getting sleepy. I seem to be following in her footsteps.

6 thoughts on “What can it be?

  1. That would be so much fun for me too! I love the doll box and purses. I have vanished off all the blog rolls except for yours, which is formatted differently, but I am still here in blogland. Have a terrific weekend! ?O

  2. How great is that – to have friends who think so much of you and know you so well that they offer you all these goodies.

  3. WOW! You must have had so much fun going through all those boxes. What an amazing hat collection. I know I had those shoes!

  4. Is the tammy doll in the box too? If so, please let me know what you want for it. Wow, you scored girl, crazy about the hats and the Kinney shoes. Sea Witch

  5. Oh wow! What a wonderful friend to give you all of that! I would have been jumping for joy. đŸ™‚

  6. Fun goodies! Love all of the hats.

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