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Withdrawals already?

Ugh. I need a good sale to attend. Any sale. But there is nothing happening locally and only three sales around Birmingham. One is an estate sale about 75-80 miles from here and in a really bad section of town. Another is a regular sale, the other is a childrens’ clothing sample sale. The sample sale and the estate sale could be worth going to, but could just as easily be a waste of time. To travel that distance for only two sales just isn’t appealing to me this morning. Calling me loudly, but not appealing. The sample sale would be great if they were selling the clothes for under $5 each, but my bet is close to retail. The estate sale is in an area where you could get shot driving down the street. Not that I wouldn’t go there. I would and have, but it’s just not on my want to do list. There’s an auction 100 miles from here, but I only have maybe $100 at the most to “spare”. Don’t want to go that distance and spend all day for the little bit $100 would buy. $100 I really should hang onto. I’m desperate enough to want to go to some thrift stores. And around these parts, that’s a huge waste of time. If I had more money in my pocket I’d head off to the auction, but I don’t. There’s another auction tomorrow that’s not so far away, 60-70 miles, but it’s not a favorite. $100 generally doesn’t go far at all there.

I wanna buy something to sell! My shop stock is down, although there’s still tons to put on the web site and I diligently put a few things on there almost every day. But I’m really scraping the bottom of the barrel of my eBay stash. Maybe I’ll go to the junk store. The one with the book room where I’ve found some good stuff in the past. Maybe I’ll go to the library book store.

My stomach is literally clenched from the need. I didn’t get to any sales during December and I’m ready to start the new year off right, but can’t. Wahhhhhhh. I don’t know how you girls do it in colder climates where the sales stop around October. Ours truly go on all year, but slow down to a crawl in late December through about February. One of the problems with that is the attendees don’t slow down. Everybody’s at the same sale at the same time fighting for the same stuff.

Oh well. Guess I’ll see what the junk store has then open up at my own shop. Saturdays I leave as maybe I’ll open, maybe I won’t. But I’m thinking of hiring my niece to work on Saturdays. But oddly, Saturdays are typically dead around here. I think everyone goes to The Big City to shop on the weekends and forget about us little guys out here in the boonies. So the verdict is still out on being open on Saturdays. Sorry for thinking out loud there.


On another note, those of you who use Blogspot, if you don’t have the option of “anyone” checked under comments, a whole lot of people can’t comment on your blog. Some blogs I read only allow registered users to comment. This “includes OpenID”, but that’s useless for a lot of folks. Some allow only users with Google accounts. I’ve yet to run into one that only allows “members of this blog”. Since I’ve moved to my own hosted blog and don’t use the Blogspot blog anymore, I don’t want to be sending people to that blog, although it will send them to the new blog lickety-split. OK. With a click and a lickety-split. It’s not fun being “forced” to use that account just to comment on a blog, so I often don’t comment. I’m not the only one out there with this delimma. I’ve realized that a lot of you whose blogs don’t allow the rest of the world to comment don’t even realize it, so if you like comments and want more, check your Blogspot settings and under comments, look at “Who Can Comment.” Check “Anyone”. If spam becomes a problem, and I don’t think I ever had any spam comments there, you can always put to use the scrambled letter thing.

Whew! Glad to get that off my chest!



10 thoughts on “Withdrawals already?

  1. hey, better to think out loud than not at all!

    i hear ya on the bottom of the barrel, sister! pickins is SLIM in my neck of the woods, too.

    hang in there, you’ll find something 🙂

  2. Hey Wanda

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I will add you to my list!

    I know what you mean about withdrawals! I feel the same way! I have plenty of inventory and no place to sell until we go to Texas at the end of March!!! But I still want to shop!!! I guess I love to shop for junk! It’s so much fun wandering what kinda treasure will be unearthed on the trip!! I love this business so much.

    Criag and I have done shows full time for 8 years, but the economy has gotten so bad, he had to get a real job!:( My whole body aches to be back in the biz! We worked on, or shopped for junk ever single day. We never took a day off! Craig is that kinda helper that can fix anything. And he is able to make my visions come to light. So working a boring 8to5 job is a waste of valuable talent!

    I am so hoping this sorry economy comes back around soon, so we can get back into the groove of things.


  3. Hey Wanda! Thanks for the tip re: comments on blogspot. I had never actually checked the different settings available, so you taught me something new today. Thanks!! I gotta agree with your pain at the lack of sales…we’ve got great weather, and nothing happening in the yard sale department! Went to one last Saturday, and it was YUCK!!! All the stuff on the ground tarp could have…should have…gone straight into the trash pile!! Even the thrifts have been slim pickin’s lately! We need a new stimulus package…come on people! Clean out your garage…your attic…your basement!! We Need new junque! LOL *elaine*

  4. Yes, here in Kansas, the sales are few and far between this time of year! I’m feeling the NEED too!

  5. Hi Wanda, I just wandered in here from your old blog. I was so intrigued that I had to come see what you were about. I just love your site. I’d like to add you to my list of faves on my blog.

    Unfortunately, I am one of those who have been plagued by spam and not just regular spam but by porn looking women that left comments on my blog saying, “Your blog is soooooo gooooood” and when you click on them it takes you to a poker playing site. I was getting so sick of it so two weeks ago I had to put the comments to have them moderated. I think though Wanda, that you can still leave a message. I just have to approve all messages now but I think it should let you comment. If not, email me and I will try and see what I can do. I just don’t want that poker website to start messing with my blogger pals.

    Please let me know if I can add you to my favorites list

    Deanna 🙂

  6. Hey Wanda – wondered where you got off to… Good to hear from you. I forgot you changed your blog, too. I’ll try to get you added!

    I am having withdrawal from sales, too, altho my husband thinks that I should be finished with the farmhouse. I guess I am, but I keep seeing things that i’d rather have or want to add, & it’s become an addiction. I love it! If I lived in your town, I’d come to your shop on Saturday! Here in Texas over the weekend, we had 83 degree temps, today it’s in the 30-40 range with rain. Texas weather!

  7. Hi Wanda,
    thanks for dropping by!

    In answer to your question…yes I did have the word verification on. But one day one of my blogger friends was leaving a comment and she saw a picture of a girl that did not look like someone who would be blogging. The girl in the picture looks like a Playboy bunny type of girl. She called me and I went straight online and clicked on her picture. It went straight to Fulltiltpoker. I have no idea how they came to my blog. It irritated me so much that someone could do that. I didn’t do anything for two weeks and they would leave that picture of that girl with that annoying message over and over and then when I put it on to have messages approved by me, I got another from a person named Javier…and he said some gibberish about the name of my blog. It had one of those no-reply blogger addresses and sure enough my husband checked it online on his phone and it went to that poker site again. My friend Bonnie says that they try to put those sexy pictures of girls so that others will click on it and it will take them to that poker website. I just makes me so sick. I know that I can reject their messages but it still angers me that they do it still.

    So sorry to vent…! I just don’t want them to start that stuff on you all.

    Deanna 🙂

  8. Happy New Year, Wanda! So you are chomping at the bit to get to some sales, huh? I’ve been content to stay put for awhile, but I do feel the need to hit some thriftstores & see what’s out there. You never know what people around here will donate. They aren’t real close to my house, so it takes a bit of an effort to go. Hang on, March will be here before you know it.

  9. I know the feeling! It’s been scary cold here for some reason and the sales have stopped! That just doesn’t happen normally! So I’m off to a couple of thrifts later. Gotta get the “fix” in! LOL!
    I’ll have to check to make sure my “anyone” option is checked! Thanks for the heads up!

  10. Hi Wanda! Your store looks great! Looks like you’ve been busy. Hope the New Year is a great one for you!

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