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Stars Fell On Alabama



I was born a few hours before a star fell on Alabama in November nineteen-mvtvy prwr. The metorite fell just a few miles away – through the roof of a house and actually hit the lady on the leg! Do a google search for Hodges meteorite and Sylacauga. You can read all about it.

Up until a few years ago I had only seen the occasional shooting star, far above in the heavens. During an occasional meteor shower, I’d get to see lots of them, but two or three years ago, on the way to watch the Christmas parade I saw a low ball of light streak across the sky. Erin was with me and by the time I could say, “What was that?!” it was gone. She didn’t get to see it. At the parade, I asked everyone I talked to and not one person saw it. Everybody just laughed and shook their heads saying I’d finally lost it, but I know what I saw! Then last year as we were headed to Florida, again in November, somewhere close to Tifton, Georgia, a glowing fireball shot straight down the highway in front of us. This time I wasn’t the only one to see it. But what a treat!

I’ve always had a fascination with the stars, but only in the past few years decided to collect old star tree toppers. That collection is pretty pitiful, but it’s all I’ve got and I think they’re more precious to me because they are so pitiful.

4 thoughts on “Stars Fell On Alabama

  1. What a great story and how neat to be born under a lucky star!

  2. Oh, I have one of those blue ones!

    I love that one on the top on the far left, with the tinsel. She’s a beauty.

  3. What a great idea to collect star tree-toppers. Love the way you’ve displayed them too. So much prettier and original than “on-purpose” Christmas collectibles!
    Mary Kay Andrews

  4. I really like that story! I love stars myself I have one tattooed on my neck. Your collection has a really cool story behind it though!

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