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Filling Up the Booth

Table with stenciled doilies

With a possible move in our future, I’ve decided to focus on putting things in the booth rather than some online and some in the booth. I need to move it out of the house. And it’s a lot quicker to put 30 items in the booth than it is to take pictures and write descriptions on those same 30 things. So…. unless I know it won’t sell in the booth or if it has several parts to potentially get lost in a mall, it’s going to the booth. Even still, I’m slow. But I did get a good start yesterday. The booth had been sorely neglected because of life circumstances and was very close to empty. It’s almost like filling it up from scratch!

Booth D-26 at Angel's Antique Mall in Opelika, Alabama

If you’re looking for staging inspiration, um…. this might not be the best post for that. You  might want to check out the Facebook page where I recently shared a friend’s stunning booth for that. 

But parts of my booth are okay. The pictures look a bit grainy. 

Bookcase staging in an antique booth

The pair of Hall mixing bowls, the Virgin Mary planter, the “Jesus knows me, this I love” sign, the Viking glass owl, the little fan shaped pottery vase, and the white McCoy bookend/planter are all recent acquisitions. Others have been hanging around the house for years.

Dining table and chairs

We just bought this dining table and chairs Saturday. Took it straight to the booth. Figured if we took it home to replace the seats, it would never get done. 

Table with stenciled doilies

Our daughter painted the table with the stenciled doilies. 

Vintage toy pinball game

Another weekend buy. A vintage, toy pinball machine.

Old Samsonite luggage

I just love these Samsonite luggage pieces! Especially the one with the handles on the top and side. 
The cottage prints on the little shelf are from my personal collection. I decided maybe I didn’t want to collect cottage prints any more. Yeah, I’ll probably regret that. They might come back home with me if nobody wants them.

Some things I bought recently that are out of season:

1970's Halloween decorations

These Halloween blow mold guys are large. Over a foot tall. One is dated 1969, so I figure they’re both early ’70’s. Made to be lighted.

Christmas candles and Santa planter

I didn’t even clean these up before taking the picture. Christmas candles, a Santa planter that might decide to live with me, and two pair of little girl gloves from the late 1950’s. How do I know they’re from the late 1950’s? Because I know the girls, sisters, they belonged to. 

I’ll be taking another load Tuesday if not before. It’s kinda fun not spreading myself so thin! I wish I could decide on either booth or internet. But I’m wishy washy. I flip flop from wanting to do one or the other and continue to do both. 

Thanks for stopping by! And if you’re in east central Alabama or west central Georgia, we are booths D-24/26 in Angel’s Antique Mall in Opelika, Alabama.

10 thoughts on “Filling Up the Booth

  1. I know what you mean about not knowing which one to do, which is why you are doing both probably. When I had a booth, all my time went into it. I couldn’t do the Etsy shop justice. So I guess you have to figure out which one you like the most. Me I like doing online the most, but I need an outlet to sell my bigger pieces, so I may go back to the booth thing. Love the table your daughter stenciled! Looks like y’all had a good haul. Somewhere I saw your pickup truck all loaded.

    1. Right, Florence. It’s just that today I like doing the booth best, tomorrow I’ll hate it and would rather sell online. And some days I don’t like either one. Other days it’s a toss up which I like best. Sigh.

  2. Your booth is lovely and cheerful. The stenciled doilies on the table are such a great idea!

    1. Thank you Laura. I’m really looking forward to getting it filled almost to capacity.

  3. Wow! Your booth space looks amazing! I even spotting a few things I would love. You definitely have a knack for arranging things in a very nice way. Wishing you the best with your booth sales!

    1. That’s sweet of you to say, JD. It still feels empty to me. But getting more stuff in there is not a problem. Just got to get off my behind and do it. LOL

  4. I would definitely enjoy your booth.
    Your daughters table is so pretty.

    1. Thanks Molly. My daughter got the crafty gene in spades. She’s quite talented.

  5. Love all of your finds! And am jealous of your space!! Mine is tiny and under-utilized. (Could be my reality, which now includes an 8 week old puppy. lol)

    Took a piece to my local space yesterday and punched through the back with the latch on the car. My first mistake was taking the Mr to help me. He is too impatient. My second? See my first mistake. Now I have to figure out if I repair it or drop the price and sell it ‘as is’ :/

  6. Your booth is lovely.Wishing you the best with your booth sales! Happy weekend!

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