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Fresh Finds and Fall Booth Rearranging

Last weekend took me to a small estate sale and a few yard sales. I was first – #1 – numero uno – at the estate sale. For about 5 minutes. It was good while it lasted.

I knew I was going to get several of these things out and into booths quickly and had to do hurry up pictures. So…. please don’t judge me by these horrendous pics! Late afternoon light streaming in through the sheers. Horrible shadows. Ugh.

Yard Sale Junk

All but the Pyrex came from the estate sale. A “glitter plastic” ice bucket, cute change purse, Italian ashtray, blue, cardboard suitcase and an Anchor Hocking, Prescut dish I’ve never seen still with the label attached. The Pyrex was just down the road at a yard sale. Not priced. I don’t usually bother to ask when things aren’t priced. It’s just too awkward when it’s more than I want to pay. I’m kinda shy like that. But this time I did ask and the price was just fine.

The Pyrex and the ashtray will go on Etsy. The ice bucket and suitcase are in my booth at Angel’s. Haven’t decided on the other things yet.

Yard Sale Finds

The basket had leather (or leather like) strap hinges and is already sold. Sold the second day it was at Angel’s. Got the lamp because it was cheap. I really should leave lamps alone. The red bud vase looked like a good Christmas thing to me. The towel rack I had to take down from under the sink at the estate sale. It has really good, green paint and the paint on the fingers has worn away from wet rags hanging on them through the years. I do believe that was my favorite find of the weekend. It will probably be going on Etsy.


Chest of Drawers

This chest was at the estate sale, also. I don’t believe in painting something when the finish looks good. Y’all know our kids or grandkids are going to moan and groan that we painted everything in sight, don’t you? The chest is in my booth at the Pickle Patch in Sylacauga.

I also bought a mid mod desk that went straight to the storage unit. I plan to keep it and use it as a sewing table.


I did some fall rearranging at the Pickle Patch booth yesterday. Here are a couple of pictures:

Fall Banner

Gah! My eyes! The picture is so blurry!

Fall Booth Vignette


So there you have it. God awful pictures and all.

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