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2013 A Look Back

2013 was a strange year for me. More on that another day. I wondered, and doubted, if I got anything accomplished. Did I make anything? Did I do any decorating? I really didn’t think so, but since there are so many linky parties for the year in review going on right now, I thought I’d peek at the blog and see just what, if anything I did do. And guess what? In spite of the year’s weirdness I did do some things! So here are the best.

In January, I felt quite clever for marrying a sewing machine base with a decorative, iron floor mat:

Sewing machine base and metal floor mat coffee table


In February, I stamped little wooden hearts with French script.

French script stamped chipboard hearts: Just Vintage Home


March brought thoughts of Easter and I attempted dying bottle brush trees.

Dyed Bottle Brush Trees and Sheep



Skip to May – Don’t know what happened to April –  I turned Dollar Tree buckets into chic decor:

Dollar Tree Buckets To Chic Decor : Just Vintage Home


And in June, I figured out how to cut fragile paper with the Silhouette Cameo. I couldn’t find a tutorial or suggestion anywhere on how to do this and, through trial and error, came up with a method that works. I’m quite proud of myself for this one.

Dictionary paper filler strips : Just Vintage Home


One of my favorite projects came in June. I finally put legs on an iron filing cabinet. This was a project that took probably 10 years to come to fruition.

Story of a fancy iron cabinet : Just Vintage Home

Also in June, I brought nature inside.

Nature In Apothecary Jars : Just Vintage Home


This must have been when my funk came. I thought it had been there all year, and maybe it was, but it must have hit hard at this point. The blog has a few entries, cooking, a few minor decorating projects and a couple of random posts, but I can somehow feel the blues just looking at the post titles. Has to be because that’s what I was feeling at the time. So let’s skip to September. I perked up enough to do the decorating project of the year for me. This one pleases me the most. Probably because is was a fairly major change for that room.

Primitive cupboard, florals and red print drapes

I must have spiraled back down into my funk after that because the rest of the year is pretty boring. More cooking and more randomness. But I believe the funk is gone now! It’s so unlike me to stay down like I did last year. If you’ve ever experienced that you know what misery it is. But that’s not what this post is about. I’m excited about planned projects for 2014. A pantry, some painting, a slipcover, a kitchen update, perhaps 2 bedroom redos, maybe – dare I hope – a big fruit basket turnover that involves the laundry room and a big craft/sewing room. Will any of these projects come to fruition? Who knows? I certainly hope so!

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