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The Latest Haul

I’ve been in crafting mode lately and it seems like everything I buy is something to play with instead of sell outright. Not sure if that’s just what I’m finding or if it’s the only things my eyes are seeing. Anyway, here’s the haul from this past weekend.

I want to try making flowers out of these little tin cups.


An old, ragged hymnbook, jar of pearl beads (bonus for the lid), and a cheap, crummy clock for the face. The clock really looks bad and it’s plastic painted gold. Icky. Beyond hope. So I don’t feel bad taking it apart.


Don’t know what I might do with the silverware, but I always seem to find projects that use them and I never have any pretty enough. The watch is for a future jewelry project.


More jewelry boxes to paint. And no, I haven’t gotten (got?) around to painting the last ones and as a matter of fact, someone came in and bought the big one I pictured a few weeks ago. Hated to see it go!


Junk boxes. Part of why I love estate sales so much. And it aggrieves me when people throw this stuff away because Oh, you wouldn’t have wanted that. Well, uh… yeah. I would have. And why did I like this particular junk box?

Here’s why:

I know I’m keeping the little heart boxes. The old ink pad I’m willing to sell, but I’m undecided about the watch box.


Little Kiddle Ring


The Little Kiddle ring was an unexpected bonus. I didn’t see it in the box until I started going through everything. She will be going up on auction.


These are all for sale (the broom is already sold), but if you don’t mind, I’d like to enjoy the cloche thing for awhile. They said it was Pyrex? I don’t know about that, but I don’t have one just like it or that size, so I’d like to play with it for awhile first.


This is really a large box full of mostly old Christmas balls. You can’t tell if from the picture, but most are decorative. And no, I’m not keeping them. Well, maybe a few.


A French dictionary, funny little wire brush (already sold), 2 thin tape measures and old photographs. The photos will go on a Free Graphic Friday for you. The tape measures and dictionary I’ll keep for future projects. The brush? I dunno. You want it?


Glass jar because I can never resist them when they’re priced right. For sale? Yeah, probably.


The jury’s still out on whether I’m keeping this old clown costume or selling it. I do collect vintage Halloween stuff, you know, and I don’t have an old costume. I’ll make that decision next fall.


That’s about it. Forgot to take pictures of some Christmas feathery angles and some foil Christmas light reflectors. Oh, yeah. And a film box.

I found more stuff that I missed! See it here.



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15 thoughts on “The Latest Haul

  1. Fabulous haul – that old clown costume is both creepy – and cool.

  2. Dang girl that’s a huge haul! I’d love to see those old butter pats as flowers. You found some great stuff!! Too many cool things for me to even pick a favorite! *winks* Vanna

  3. Wow hon, you got some great stuff there. I love the gold clock..I know, but I’m partial to icky gold…lol!! I think the Halloween costume and box are sensational! You just don’t see masks like that anymore.

    Deanna 😀

  4. Wanda I almost peed myself from laughing so hard at your comment!! You are toooooo funny!! Vanna

  5. Holy Cow! That is some haul of great junk!

  6. Great Stuff! I went -only spent $8- and most of that was for me!! There was still a bunch of stuff there- I can not imagine what it was like the day you went. Some of the stuff was bad!! I went in one open door that was not part of the sale- a neighbor left his door open-oops!

  7. I’ve got dibs on the old hand broom! Love it and the costume is cool. I would keep it too…Love ya, Tiff

  8. Great project stuff here! Love all the papers and photos. I just thot of maybe trying to copy clock faces on card stock and then mounting them on thicker board for projects. I never find just the faces. Thanks for your nice comment!

  9. This may have not been its original intended use, but I know for sure that my grandma had two wire brushes identical to the one you found and we always used them to clean the hair out of hairbrushes! In fact, I’ve been wanting one of my own for sometime………

  10. That old Halloween costume is FANTASTIC! and that French dictionary would be perfect in the mail….sent to me….straight of…..this minute….don’tcha think? no? well I tried. 🙂 xoxo

  11. Wanda, looks like you scored some good stuff. Dontcha love that????


  12. Oh I can see I will be coming back here to read more throughout the day. I have not had time to post but you can’t keep me away from reading about others’ great finds and you are “in the ZONE!”
    I know what you mean about things making you want to play with them or turn them into something new.
    In your box of boxes my eye immediately went to the RIT. Many hours spent with that in my younger days.

  13. Your blog title and all those terrific finds made me want to hit follow twice! The Liddle Kiddle – what a blast from the past.

  14. Oh Wow! I’m loving all your treasures, what a haul you have here.
    This makes me want to get out this weekend for a good hunt. Maybe there will be something out there since our rain finally stopped.

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