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Quick update and my buckets were featured!

Thought I’d stick my head up and say “Hi” before I dropped back under the pile of work. We spent the last month moving out of my old brick and mortar shop. I had absolutely no idea how much stuff had accumulated in there! We thought the truckloads would never end. You can read all about that here,  The move out of the shop is done. With that finished and the big yard sale over with, it’s time to try to get the house back in order. Also, I’ve gone straight into readying an estate sale. Poor Tiffany, The Cranky Queen, who I partner with conducting estate sales, was having to work on this sale by herself while I was tied up with our move. I want to work extra hard to try to even out the time she’s already spent. It’s scheduled for the first weekend in August. More about that later. We’ll be taking a few days to go see Sophie, grandbaby #2, soon. We haven’t been out of town overnight in over a year. We’re pretty exhausted and needing a change of scenery, even if it is only a few days. Anyway, I should be back on a somewhat normal routine within the next week or so.

Home Made Modern featured my dollar store buckets in her Craft Of the Week! Check it out! She has a really neat site with lots of DIYs, recipes and crafts. I’m sure you’ll enjoy browsing through.

Gotta run. Need to do some booth maintenance today. They’ve all been neglected during all this, too. Then off to work on the estate. Um.. maybe I can manage to work in straightening at least a corner of my house, too?

Later Gators!


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  1. Wanda, hoping you remember an email con station we had a while back. I was asking you if you knew where my Uncle Bob’s grocery was in Sylacauga. I have more info. It was called Easons Grocery and was also a Sinclair gas station. It Watson Rt 1 across the street from the Stuckeys and also a fabric store called the cotton bowl. I have pics and can email you. My email is WayRich14 at aol

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