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Treasures from last week

Found my camera cable! Finally! The shop rearrange is close to being done, 8 days after it started. I’m guessing a couple more days at it and I can relax. A little. But not really. I didn’t go to any sales this past weekend, too busy in the shop, and I remember almost nothing about the sales last weekend, but…… I have pictures! There are so many, you probably have time for a potty break while they load. And heeeeere they are…………..

Madonna and base that will live at my house. I don’t think they’ll stay together, though. The base just isn’t tall enough.

Black box, books, Lucite confetti candles, folding ruler, drawer pull, industrial looking lamp, small glass clock dome, cool cement spreader – what do you call that thing? – with a cool, green handle, 2 faucet handles, Akro Agate flower pot, neato metal flowers, and some kind of Deco cover (over there on the left).

Close-up of the metal flowers.

Deco looking picture, pipes, old paper clips, 2 baseballs, crystal lighter that strikes when you pull the handle out, and a white cherub planter/vase thingy.

I bought that to replace this:

The first casualty of the rearrange.

Alarm clock, Christmas star light reflectors, grapefruit spoons, beachy salad fork and spoon, “Beastie” (Beistle) fan turkeys, wooden hangers, a coin purse and a Monopoly game just for these:

I’d have sworn when I peeked in the box the little dog was there, but got this man on a horse instead. I’ve decided I want to collect these little guys. I want a jar full.

Three screen bird feeders that I thought would look good hanging on the wall. Did it work? More on that later.

I do remember the story behind this chair. Melanie was with me at that day’s sales. We were headed home, but decided to try this one last sale. After lunch. Totally after lunch. And there was this cool chair. I thought I’d have to paint it, but they said the “patina” was nicotine and got some cleaning solution out and, well, I’ll save this for another post. I will say it’ll not have to be painted.

Got this chair, with plans to paint, at the junk store.

A nekkid frame and more silverware for projects. What projects, though?

Close-up of the handles.

And finally a box full of… these… ??? Things???

What are they? All I know is they have something to do with developing film. They looked like they’d make good projects, too. Unless I can pay next month’s rent by selling them just as they are.


I’m so looking forward to sharing pictures of the shop. Just a few more days…..

2 thoughts on “Treasures from last week

  1. man, you find WAY better stuff than i do anymore! i want the little metal flowers. just cuz. and i have the perfect project for you for the flatware. pack it up and send it to me 🙂 hee hee. i want to photograph it. i got rid of all mine when i sold my house – is there ANYTHING I’m not kicking myself over getting rid of (grammar much?)??

    now i will task my already overtasked brain with trying to make out the captcha code…

  2. those are film holders for a view camera, they look like 4×5(inch) size? (or 5×7, 8×10???) The film is loaded in the dark room, usually one on each side and then when the plate is in/on the back of the camera, you slide up the thing that slides(sorry can’t remember the term) and take the picture and slide it back down and reverse and take the next one…


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